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Star system outdated

The hotel star system is outdated

The star system which is currently being used to rate hotels should be decommissioned and here is why.

Hotel star ratings are deemed by most people to be  “out of date”, it has now emerged
Instead, guests will rely on consumer reviews on the internet.
The Department for Culture, Media and Sport is set to phase out the stars after arguing customers get more “truthful” insights by fellow guests posting anonymous reviews.

Currently, independent assessors for Visit Britain go to hotels and B&Bs and give them a star rating, graded between one and five stars.
Tourism minister John Penrose said the rating system is “too often unreliable and unfair”.
David Cameron has ordered a review of tourism policy to be published next month. He is expected to admit that consumer reviews are more effective at driving up standards than a government-run system.

The above paragraphs have been extracted from the Express newspaper.

If you click on the video above,you will see that our apartment shown in this video, is arguably the best accommodation in the city of Liverpool and yet under the old system we would gain just a 4 star rating and yet there are five star hotel’s in our city that do not justify that rating and I believe that this apartment does. The old system is outdated and should centre on service to the client, which is what being a hotel is all about, if a hotel fails to give their client the service that they require they should instantly be downgraded and that is where Trip Advisor comes in. Why cant a Hotel be graded on its fluctuating Trip Advisor review score. Many Hotels have secured their gradings some years before and may have become tired over the years and yet they are still graded at a higher level, giving their guest a false impression.

Hotels rely far too heavily on their star rating and seeing as service under the old system can not be graded they simply overlook it, when was the last time you stayed in a Hotel and the concierge or god forbid the Hotel manager went above and beyond normal service and gave you more than you expected. At Signature we pride ourselves on our service and that is why we are running at a 99.8% rating on Trip Advisor and 9.6 on making us one of the top accommodation providers in the U.K.

Trip Advisor is the largest hotel review site in the World with over 40 million reviews, it is now established as the yardstick that all would be clients are looking to before they make their informed decision on where they should stay. Why cant all accommodation providers use a link to our Trip Advisor site so that all of our would be clients would gain easier access to our reviews. I believe that the office of Fair Trading should ensure that every accommodation provider have a link to Trip Advisor on their site ensuring a no stone unturned selling policy.

Liverpool has many large Hotel formats gracing our City and yet not one of them are in the top 6 for accommodation in Liverpool on Trip Advisor, could it be that the Hotel chains have overlooked the key factor of service that their millions of promotional pounds could not camouflage over and if they did lose their status of 4 or 5 stars in favor of the truth, I believe they would see a sharp decline in their occupancy levels, for instance The Radisson hotel is a 5 star hotel and yet on Trip Advisor their clients rate this hotel at just 77%.

I hope that Mr Cameron does not allow his view of scrapping the old system to be derailed, as there will be many Hotel chains lobbying his staff to change their view.

Lawrence Kenwright

Signature Living

Signature Living values customer feedback and is ranked 1st on TripAdvisor for Liverpool hotels. Feel free to view our reviews and customer feedback on TripAdvisor by following the link below.


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