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The Best Places to Share a Gorgeous Group Meal in Liverpool

When you are staying with the leading group accommodation provider in Liverpool we want to make sure that the rest of your time in the city is as enjoyable as your hotel experience. Booking a group meal in Liverpool can sometimes be difficult so we’ve created our list of the best restaurants in the city centre that offer fantastic food perfect for sharing.

See if there’s anything that tickles your taste buds below, there’s something for everyone we’re sure of it.

North and South Amercian

A big part of the world with a lot of flavours to offer the diners of Liverpool. Here’s some North and South American cuisine in Liverpool for groups to enjoy together.

Slim’s Pork Chop Express

group meal in Liverpool - BBQ tray Slims Pork Chop Express source: Slims Pork Chop Express Facebook

Located in the most popular nightlife area of Liverpool at the tippy top of Seel Street, Slim’s Pork Chop Express is like ascending into BBQ heaven.

Not only is there a huge menu of mouth watering single dishes and sides but their sharing platters will make your group salivate just reading about them.

A choice of two delicious BBQ trays;

BBQ Tray #1 – a meat feast of pork and beef

BBQ Tray #2 – Kornflake chicken and duck smothered fries

Safe to say you’ve probably already rang up and booked your table based on the BBQ Tray, but Slim’s has so much more to give. Consider a tray of fries smothered in salt and pepper sui mai, char sui and siracha.

Not just a BBQ joint, Slims Pork Chop Express is simply group food heaven.

Santa Maluco

group meal in Liverpool - pizza Santa Maluco source: Santa Maluco Facebook

Have an all you can eat pizza party with your group of friends at Santa Maluco.

This amazing dining concept originated in the diners of Brazil, a Rodizio of pizzas giving diners the chance to sample whatever pie is ready at that moment.

Made using wood burning kilns, and a variety of unusual pizza toppings (including deliciously sweet dessert pizza) Santa Maluco is the perfect place to share a meal together as a group.

Lucha Libre

group meal in Liverpool - tacos Lucha Libre source: Lucha Libre Facebook

From Brazil to Mexico and into Lucha Libre where a fantastic welcoming atmosphere that’s both rustic and intimate awaits.

This small yet stylish restaurant has a quirky table layout that allows both large and small groups to come together and enjoy a feast of Mexican flavours.

Their tiny tostadas are perfect for sharing with a variety of toppings including veggie options. Tacos come with lashings of Mexican goodness on top and there’s even a sharing street food platter complete with every delicacy you can find served by the street vendors of Mexico.

Order the entire menu of small plates for a great group meal in Liverpool full of spice and flavour.

Asian delights

Covering a multitude of menu favourites, Asian inspired food often is often spicy, always artistic and great for sharing as a group.


group meal in Liverpool - Miyagi source: Miyagi’s Facebook

Enjoy a soulful menu of small Pan-Asian plates brought to you from the sea, land and garden to enjoy with a group of friends in Liverpool.

This amazing Bold Street restaurant serves a variety of small dishes perfect for picking at.

Plates include Sushi, Katsu Curries, Bao Buns, Samurai Fries, Tofu skewers and a delightful dessert named ‘Round the Campfire’ which involves an open fire and melted marshmallows.

What’s more, all this delicious food is served within an artistic venue to the sounds of soul and Motown, the whole experience is one that won’t be forgotten in a hurry.


group meal in Liverpool - pan Asian sharing source: HOST Facebook

The perfect place to share Pan Asian delicacies as part of a large group, HOST is located on Hope Street and was brought to you by the brains behind The Quarter and 60 Hope Street.

The tasty morsels of Japanese, Mongolian, Thai and  Cambodian dishes make up a lengthy menu of sharing plates with plenty of spice on offer and a variety of proteins to choose from.

For those who enjoy travelling with your stomachs HOST is the ideal choice to taste Asia without getting on a long haul flight.

What’s more, the surrounding area has some of Liverpool’s most stunning architecture, landmarks and laid back bars to enjoy a stroll around after your meal.


group meal in Liverpool - Mowgli Indian street food source: Mowgli Facebook

The Indian food that we as a nation have come to know and love is a far cry from the authentic street food served in Mowgli.

This amazing revelation of Indian cuisine has seen honest, classic dishes brought to the mouths of hungry diners in Liverpool. The brains behind the operation, Nisha Katona, thought it necessary to educate our palettes using the age old recipes she herself grew up on made in the kitchens and from the street vendors in India.

The brains behind the operation, Nisha Katona, thought it necessary to educate our palettes using the age old recipes she herself grew up on made in the kitchens and from the street vendors in India.

Every dish is a combination of delightful flavours, smells and colour that bring the senses alive. The Himalayan cheese on toast brings new meaning to a bit of cheddar on a slice of white. Book your group meal in Liverpool at Mowgli and enjoy the real taste of India.

Something Sweet

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a sweet pastry, small cake or giant bubble waffle, we have the places to grab them all as a group right here.


group meal in Liverpool - afternoon tea shankly hotel

The perfect opportunity to enjoy a bite to eat with friends at a themed Afternoon Tea with The Shankly Hotel‘s Bastion Bar and Restaurant.

During your visit to Liverpool come along and enjoy;

  • A classic Afternoon Tea – delicious food, glasses of bubbly or pots of tea to share together in a group
  • Swing Afternoon Tea – ideal for a little song and dance after your afternoon tea with a live swing singer
  • Mad Hatter’s Afternoon Tea – a meal served at the table of Lewis Carrol’s Madhatter and all his friends for adults only

Book your unique afternoon tea experience at The Shankly Hotel to share a group meal in Liverpool with your party that you’ll never forget.

Barley and Beans

group meal in Liverpool - bubble waffles source: Barley and Beans Facebook

At Barley and Beans, their main attraction is displayed across their Instagram page, guys are you ready, the Bubble Waffle has landed.

Forget Freak Shakes, and bring on the Bubble Waffles being sold for one person to tackle but we’ve yet to hear of it happening.

Choose from the Chocoholic bubble waffle made from Nutella, Oreos, Flakes and chocolate sauce or a Banoffee bubble waffle which is banana, caramel sauce, toffee popcorn and pretzels.

The folk at Barley and Beans don’t do anything small but it’s up to you to get yourselves down there and pick up something off menu to share as a group.

Just stalk their Instagram in the meantime and see what the stuff of dreams is made of.


The native Mediterranean certainly knows how to enjoy food, making their evening meals part of socialising with friends. The inventors of sharing food are inspiration for some of the tastiest platters in Liverpool.


group meal in Liverpool - sharing dishes Maray source: Maray Instagram

Fabulous for small plates of wonderful Mediterranean food that can be shared and nibbled upon as a group.

This delicious eatery began life on Bold Street as a small clothes shop. Now groups of guests can take their seats around a communal dining table and enjoy a selection of some of the finest food in Liverpool.

During the weekend Maray becomes a hive of eating activity and if you’re not fussed about sharing a table with strangers enjoy an evening of sharing falafel, lamb koftas and whipped goats cheese with honey and thyme crisps.

From 12 – 5 pm Monday – Friday there’s a great group offer where you can order three plates for £12.50. Just order the whole menu if your groups big enough and try it all.

Roja Pinchos

group meal in Liverpool - Pinchos spanish style source: Roja Pinchos Instagram

An ever changing menu makes Roja Pinchos difficult to stay away from.

The plates or Pinchos are made up of bite size Spanish delicacies and are basically tapas on sticks. You and your group could order the entire menu of Pinchos and still have room for doubles of your favourites.

This relaxed style of eating hails from small taverns and bars of northern Spain, usually served late with drinks and is considered a staple of the local social culture.

What makes Roja Pinchos even better is the lower ground Abajo, Gin bar, serving delicious Spanish Gin and tonics as well as stocking a wide range of Cava.

The perfect place to enjoy a leisurely group meal in Liverpool followed by the best Gin and tonic in town.


group meal in Liverpool - rooftop terrace tapas Carpathia

During the day, especially when it’s sunny, finding a space outdoors for a group meal in Liverpool might be tricky. Plan ahead and book the best outdoor lunch space in town on the Carpathia Rooftop Terrace and enjoy a selection of tasty tapas and cocktails whilst basking in the summer sun.

Not only is the food phenomenal but the views of the stunning Liverpool water-front are unbeatable.

Take some time out in the afternoon to enjoy Carpathia’s rooftop terrace tapas at 30 James Street – Home of the Titanic.

Salthouse Bacaro

group meal in Liverpool - Bacaro source: Salthouse Bacaro Instagram

Inspired by the bàcari of a working man’s Venice, Bacaro is a rustic dining space in the heart of Liverpool.

The menu is made up of what are known as cichetti, small meals served to the workers of Venice after their shift was done or during lunch.

At Salt House Bacaro there is a huge choice of croquettes, cured meats, slow cooked and braised delicacies or vegetarian dishes.

Each plate is no more than £8 so for a group meal in Liverpool you could simply order a range of cichetti dishes and nibble away at a leisurely pace, just like the Venetians of old would have.

Cheese and Wine nights

There’s nothing that brings a group together better than blocks of cheese, spicy chutneys and deliciously cured meat. Liverpool is home to some superb places that offer some mouth watering platters for cheese lover to enjoy.


group meal in Liverpool - Kabinett meat and cheese platters source: Wowcher

Cheese plates, meat platters and a handsome selection of original and classic cocktails, Kabinett is among Liverpool’s favourite haunts for students and cheese lovers alike.

Here you and your group could stay all night trying the tempting feasts of sharing platters made up of delicious cheeses and cured meats with freshly baked artisan bread.

There is also an extensive wine list of which the staff have an excellent knowledge. The name Kabinett even comes from a select sweet German wine with the same name which was considered a delicacy as it was kept in a cabinet apart from all the other bottles, a speciality of sorts just like Kabinett is among the bars of Liverpool.

Cheese and Co.

group meal in Liverpool - cheese and meat platters source: Cheese & Co Facebook

Lovers of all things cheesy pay attention, FOCUS!

Cheese in all shapes and sizes with all the right trimmings can be yours to share (if you want) at Cheese and Co.

Get together for a wine and cheese feast unlike any you could throw at home, with selections of hard, soft and blue cheeses as well as a melted camembert served after being baked within a garlic bread roll. Yum.


Order a platter of all these cheesy delights or choose a charcuterie board to add a little meat to the experience.

This is one amazing group meal in Liverpool you and your cheese loving compadres will never forget.

Group stays in Liverpool at Signature Living

Getting together on special occasions is always a blast, especially when you’re in Liverpool.

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Choosing Signature Living for your group stay in Liverpool ensures quality, class, flexibility and affordability in terms of catering and party sizes.

Book your next group gathering in Liverpool with Signature Living and make the most of your time together using our guide to an amazing group meal in Liverpool in some of the cities favourite restaurants.

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