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Book the best Office Christmas Party at Signature Living

Are you tired of the same boring corporate office Christmas parties? Barely palatable dinners followed by a visit to the limited bar with your company provided drinks coupon. Maybe it’s time to consider a visit to Signature Living for this year’s Office Christmas Party.

Why I here you ask?

Here we’ll tell you why Signature Living is the perfect place to celebrate Christmas with your colleagues in style.

Super stylish Bar Signature

Booth Bar Signature - office Christmas party

At the very heart of Liverpool’s most note worthy entertainment district, the Cavern Quarter, you can find Bar Signature.

A sleek and stylish evening venue serving top quality drinks and a dose of famous Liverpudlian banter. Here’s a bar where you can get your groove on to the sultry sounds of RnB, whilst being entertained by our experienced bar team.

A huge selection of fine spirits, delicious cocktails and quality beers are yours for the taking. Accompanied by the stylish décor and exclusive VIP booth areas, Bar Signature guarantees a great night for all.

Group accommodation with an unexpected twist

For office Christmas parties of the large and smaller variety, Signature Living can accommodate you all.

Our superb Liverpool hotel accommodation is perfect for group get togethers of all varieties. The spacious rooms can sleep anywhere between 10 – 20+ people. If you intend to do any sleeping at all.

The hotel has five floors in total including our famous James Bond duplex and a Casino penthouse.

Signature Living Bond Duplex

Even if you and your colleagues are planning on staying out all night, it’s reassuring to know there’s somewhere nearby you can call it a night when you’re all partied out.

The right place at the right time

Signature Living hotel has easy access to all the best nightlife in Liverpool. As a result if your office Christmas party is ready to hit the town there’s no better place to start than Signature Living hotel.

Our helpful staff will give you a rundown of the most happening places in the city. Which bars are worth a visit and which you should give a miss.

Alma-De-Cuba xmas

If it’s retro music and a bit of disco dancing you are after, we know where it’s at. If you and the team are looking for the newest music and the trendiest bars in Liverpool, just ask and we shall tell.

Every district that boasts a brilliant nightlife experience, is within walking distance from Signature Living Hotel. If you follow our directions well, you can guarantee end up in the right place at the right time.

Easily affordable

Gone are the days when your boss would foot the entire bill for your office Christmas party. More often than not that sad little drinks coupon is all you can get, if you are lucky!

Our hotel rooms run from £25 per person per night*, hardly a bank breaker.

Once you are booked in the list of pocket friendly packages Signature Living can provide will get your office Christmas party going with a bang.

Bar Signature Liverpool

Add welcome drinks and food or book a cocktail masterclass for those budding bar tender wannabes. We will even decorate your room with banners and balloons if you really want to go all out.

Our rooms and packages are designed not to break the bank, making sure our guests can enjoy all Liverpool has on offer.

So, this year avoid the usual and predictable instead go for a little unusual with a Signature Living office Christmas party for 2016. Call our team on 0151 601 8801 or email


*based on full occupancy of room and subject to availability.

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