Liverpool hotels

The Liverpool Hotels industry has a new very serious contender.

Serviced apartments or as they are more commonly known on the continent Apart hotels. Hotels have become too secure in their position as the undisputed accommodation provider and as most of the Hotel groups are owned by large organisations or shareholders hell bent on beating last year’s figures, it sadly leaves their guest to foot the bill.

Liverpool Hotels have taken the skill of taking what you thought was your final bill to a whole new level, there is always an extra cost for something that you have eaten or watched, at Signature living, films, wi-fi, milk,  extra towels and even PS3 are all free of charge. When was the last time the Hotel of your choice greeted you with a free gift to show their appreciation for choosing their establishment over their competitors, when was the last time you were spoken to by anyone from their management team asking you how you were enjoying your stay.

Liverpool Hotels have become far too sterile in their approach, using their front desk as a conveyor belt of clients, and sadly with their brisk check in procedure they lose the only real opportunity that they have to spend a little time with you to explain about the treasures of their hotel and their City. They simply take your card swipe it and tell you how you can find your room. At Signature we take pride in our inductions taking every opportunity to befriend our customer, we believe the more knowledge that we can convey to our client the more they will enjoy their stay.

Serviced apartments in my view and judging by all the various views that are shared on and Trip Advisor proves that it is a view that is shared by our guests, we have advantages such as, more space, a fully integrated kitchen giving you the flexibility to stay in and enjoy a home from home experience, our costs per person are so much lower.

All in all we give you a much more flexible lower priced quality option. The proof of how our clients measure our accommodation compared to Liverpool Hotels can be found on Trip Advisor which is the largest Hotel review website in the World, with over 40 million reviews, it is the largest website of its kind. You will always find the truth on this site, the reviews are written by you for you. For the first time as a result of Trip Advisor people can now judge a Hotel via a true source, it no longer matters how deep the corporations pockets run, the glamorous commercials should not be the deciding factor in your decision on where to stay, you now have review sites to help you make the right decision based on factual information.

Liverpool is a city very much on the up, in the last 5 years the amount of large corporate hotel beds have increased 5 fold, it would stand to reason that the Hotel groups would be positioned at the very top of hotel review websites, leaving the much smaller Apart Hotel operators languishing near the bottom after all they have all the money and experience. Amazingly this is not the case, Apart Hotel’s have secured the top 5 positions for accommodation in the city of Liverpool. Signature Living with over 120 reviews is currently running at 99.8% and yet the much larger players such as The Hilton are languishing far behind, as are other Liverpool Hotels with just 83%, which is around the Liverpool Hotels average.

I have thought long and hard on this subject, how can Apart Hotels be so far ahead of their competition after all certainly the local operators such as Signature Living have only been trading for just 2 years and I certainly do not have the cash at my disposal like the corporations do. I believe Liverpool Hotels have become aloof, and sadly are now run by accountants, accommodation providers need to have contact with their clients, but contact costs money. Hotel groups are owned by large companies, who always need to drive up their profitability, they have opted to do this through any possible means, if you watch a film there’s a cost, you use their wi fi there’s a cost and so on.

At Signature our goal is to be the best Apart hotel in the very heart of Liverpool’ vibrant city and in doing so keeping Liverpool Hotel’s where they are languishing at the foot of the table holding onto their profits.