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Enter The Sanctum

“A secret space within a space, untouched by common hand, selected few may enter here, by only your command”


For private and invite only events our Sanctum nightclub is a venue that can cater to all. Able to serve 150 guests, the exclusive space has provided for events such as private birthday and engagement celebrations and some popular city club nights.


For your next special occasion join us in the inner Sanctum of Signature Living, where a party of your choosing will be treated to an event like no other. Making your decent into a realm of pure decadence, leaving all inhibition behind, a VIP experience for a selection of guests you deem worthy to attend.

The Sanctum Club will provide you and your guests a venue of your very own, complete with intimate booth areas, a Laurent Perrier and Grey Goose bar and security to protect the exclusivity of your event.

The seductive space has décor to reflect that of Signature Living’s opulence and glamour, with plush velvet furnishings, a glass ceiling, mood lighting and intricate wall art.

Rolling out the red carpet to our private entrance, admitting only those providing proof of invite. You and your guests can enjoy an intimate evening of partying within the safety of our Sanctum.

During the hosted club nights’ guests have access to the same two bars as well as the option to book any of the secluded booth areas. You and your group can attend in VIP fashion, enjoying a welcome like no other available in Liverpool today with our build your own booth service.

Simply head to Bar Signatures webpage, and make your selections. No need to cue at the bar, let the bar come to you then party the night away in exclusivity and style.


So whether your here for your own event or attending a club night, you can prolong the exclusivity of your night and book a stay in the Sanctum Suite. You and 25 other event attendees have private access to a floor of the hotel, The Sanctum floor, complete with 4 separate rooms holding 5 – 8 guests each with en suite facilities which include 2 double Jacuzzi baths and double wet room style showers. The floor has its own central recreation space for you and your guests to enjoy. The floor is accessed via a direct lift from club level to suite, living life like the elite with Signature Living’s Sanctum experience.

Keep your eyes peeled for news of up and coming club nights at Sanctum, or call to arrange your own VIP experience today on 0151 909 3725 or email


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