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Friday night out in Liverpool

Friday night out in Liverpool

Liverpool has now become one of the best nights out in the U.K. and the following is in my view the best Friday night out in Liverpool that you could possibly have with a group of friend’s in Liverpool.

Many people come to Liverpool not knowing where they can go, where the hot spots are, some get some sort of direction from their friend’s who have come to Liverpool in the past, but Liverpool has changed so much over the last 5 years and for the better.

All bar’s have their hour, so it’s not enough to be told of a bar that is good, you also need to know when it is good, what’s the use of going to let’s say the Alma De Cuba @ 2am when it will be really quiet, when it’s main hour is from 11pm to midnight, when you could be in the Mosquito @ 2pm when the Mosquito is really busy.

If there is a large group then you should start your evening off at The Sapporo restaurant, although it is a japanese restaurant it can also provide you with an al a cart menu, once you are seated the chef will serve you freshly cooked food, as he prepares it right in front of you and to make your experience even more memorable, they will put on a show for you that will you will love, I have seen it many times and I still love their act.

If you would like an italian then you should look no further than the il forno, which has been voted the No1 restaurant in our city. It has also been named as one of the top italian restaurant’s in the U.K. This is truly an amazing restaurant and it is certainly my no 1 choice, if I were out with my wife or a couple of friend’s

Once you have left your chosen restaurant, you will have to visit Alma De Cuba, which is one of the most stunning bars in the U.K. Please ensure that you are there for no later than 11pm as that is when everyone gathers as they throw petals from the balcony and the Salsa dancers really stir up the atmosphere as they dance through the crowd’s.

It’s important that you stay in this area as it is the busiest area on a Friday night, just around the corner from Alma De Cuba you will find the Modo Bar, this is the best bar on Concert square, and is also really busy, it would be hard to find a busier bar on a summer’s night as they have a very large seating area on the square.

Depending on where you want to end your night there are a whole host of really good bar’s/club’s all around the area such as Igloo, Peacock bar, aloha and the Revolution Bar.

If you follow my view of a perfect Friday night out in Liverpool, I’m sure you will have a great night out.please let me know your thought’s by replying to this blog. I am always very interested in any of your experiences of our stunning city.

Friday night out in Liverpool

Friday night out in Liverpool Friday night out in LiverpoolSignature 

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Friday night out in Liverpool

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