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Liverpool hotel’s need to be more specific.

Liverpool hotels need to be more specific

Why do Hotels keep the detail of their accommodation to the bare minimum?

There are no reasonable excuse’s that they can find to justify the scant information that they offer on their web site’s. With technology moving at such a fast pace, they really do need to catch up. I no longer want to be surprised or flabbergasted at the decor or the view, I simply want to be aware at the time of booking my accommodation what I am paying for. On my last trip abroad, I couldn’t believe the appalling view that greeted me. I even asked the clerk at the booking in desk what my view was like.
His reply was that I had a small sea view.
Although I wasn’t entirely happy with this I found it acceptable.
I’m sure you are aware what came next, my view was of a 20 foot skip positioned 10 feet from my window filled with decaying food.
My issue apart from the obvious is this. I should have been made aware at the time of booking that the suite that I had booked had a very poor view and at this point I should have been offered a discount, then it would have been my decision as to whether I stayed there or not, but they never told me anything, they simply tried to do what they always try to do and that is to hope their guest does not kick up a fuss, after all how many people would just simply accept their view and continue on with their holiday. I had been in transit for over 10 hours and the last thing that I wanted to do was to ask for my money back, needless to say i got a much nicer view.

I accept that all Hotel’s can have poor accommodation within their properties, but they really do need to disclose this and as a result of their lack of communication I will not be going back.

At Signature Living we believe in full disclosure, our new website, informs our clients of every aspect of your accommodation, so that when you arrive their are no surprises. We have even commissioned a videographer to take a video of every apartment that we have, so that you can see exactly what you have hired for your stay.

Liverpool Hotel's Liverpool Hotel’s


Liverpool Hotel's Liverpool Hotel’s

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