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Why Signature is different.

Why signature Living is different

The footprint for Signature Living was created from two trips I had gone on several years before. The first of my trips was a stag party in Newcastle with a large group of friend’s, needless to say we were far from organised and spent the night queuing out in the cold and the rain getting refused entry into just about all of Newcastle’s top clubs. We were all deflated and decided to walk back to our hotel in the middle of no where at the tender time of just 11.30pm.

I was getting very tired of how Hotel groups looked after their clients and it seemed to me the larger the Hotel group, the less they devoted to ensuring that your stay at their Hotel was a memorable one. This is probably due to the fact that this type of service cannot be accountable on their balance sheet and as we all know time is money.

My job at that time was a clothing buyer and I was staying in Hotels all over the World and yet I was always concerned, when I received my final bill, I knew there would be something that I had eaten or watched that would cost me far more than it would anywhere else. It seemed to me that all large Hotels had fell into the same awful trait and the trait was to extract as much extra cash over and above the room rate that they could. They even pride themselves on the average extra spend that they can attain from a client. It really hit home to me when I stayed in a Hotel in Amsterdam and to my amazement they had charged me 85 euro’s for 5 films, 30 euro’s for Wi-Fi and to cap it all 9 euro’s for a Kit Kat and a bottle of water.

It was then that I decided to create not only an Aparthotel that could provide our guest’s with un-rivalled service, with excellent accommodation, but it would also ensure that there were no hidden costs to our guests. The main issue was that I had to find a building that would suit large groups and families in the center of the city. I then set about selling my retail business and bought Victoria Street building, now known as Signature Living. The year was 2004 and for the next four and a half years I painstakingly designed and developed Signature Living it took me 4.5 years.

Our doors opened to our first guests on the 23rd August 2008 over the coming month’s we had to endure an aparthotel in the middle of Liverpool’s city centre without many guests at all, to say that these were worrying times would be an understatement, little wonder as we had no knowledge of the hotel industry at all. My wife’s background was in Human resources and mine was in running retail outlets and importing clothing. You couldn’t get any less connected or knowledgeable than we were, however what we did have was a belief that the Hotel industry had become very aloof and they were not allowing their guests the possibility to be befriended by them in anyway resulting in ever declining customer service and increasing bills. When was the last time a Hotel manager walked up to you and handed you their card allowing you full access to them? Why do you only ever see the Manager if you have a complaint and thats if you see them at all. Hotels simply do not do enough, and we knew that we could offer so much more.

I suppose this was the only attempt to a business plan that we possessed, we knew that there was a gap in the market and thankfully apart from the first 6 month’s I’d like to think that we have been moving in the right direction ever since.

Obviously we have been aided by the amazing resurgence of Liverpool as a city. In my view making it certainly the number one shopping destination in the North West and coupling that with its cultural heritage and the capital of culture award, not forgetting it’s night life and our architecture is second to London only. Liverpool certainly has a lot to get excited about.

We are perfectly positioned nestled between The walker art gallery, Liverpool 1 and Liverpool’s exclusive Victoria Street nightlife, making Signature Living serviced apartments the ideal accommodation whatever the reason for your stay, please take a look at our Trip Advisor reviews to confirm we are No 1 in Liverpool for speciality lodging and also holding the highest scored reviews on, I have supplied a link below for you to see for yourself.

At Signature living we constantly strive for customer satisfaction & encourage all of our guests to give feedback to enable us to improve even further. Here is a link to our trip advisor page where you can read reviews given to us from our guests.

If you would like to see more of Signature Living’s apartments, you can follow the links below to view videos of our stunning accommodation

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About lawrence1601

Lawrence Kenwright is the proprietor of Signature Living and 30 James Street, a husband and father with a passion for restoring old historic Liverpool buildings.

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