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Monday to Friday

At Signature Living, we can compete with the lowest priced accommodation in our City for your Monday to Friday stay. Even though our standard is of a far superior quality and our various sites around the City of Liverpool are extremely central unlike other forms of accommodation. We believe we can offer the best value for money that any Cheap Hotel Liverpool has to offer.

Our aim is to give you our guest the best possible service that Liverpool has to offer. Please do not be misguided, the standard of our accommodation is of a very high level, we are also in the very centre of our City and our concierge service is certainly higher than any that you would receive from Liverpool Hotel’s.

We are also ranked as the No1 accommodation by our guests with the second highest score in the U.K. on Trip Advisor – The biggest hotel reviewing website in the world:

Here are some examples of the standard of our accommodation

Monday to Friday, accommodation in the centre of Liverpool has never been so cheap, we will offer you some amazing deals on the basis that you look at multiple occupation. What better way to stay in the centre of our City than in a serviced apartment with all that you have become accustomed to in your own home, making your Monday to Friday stay seem like the weekend.

Monday to Friday


About lawrence1601

Lawrence Kenwright is the proprietor of Signature Living and 30 James Street, a husband and father with a passion for restoring old historic Liverpool buildings.

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