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Morgan’s Vault

Morgan’s Vault

What can I say about Morgan’s Vault apart from it is totally unique, steeped in history and stunning in appearance; it is the perfect setting for any celebration,

Here is how I see a perfect night @ Morgan’s Vault

You can have anything from 20 guests right the way up to 150 guests in this venue, but to make it easier for me to run through the perfect Party night I am just going to say that we have 20 guests

Firstly unlike other venues you would be given your very own concierge who would take away all of the stress by organising your entire evening and stay, They would then meet you upon your arrival, so here it is a perfect Party night @ Morgan’s Vault.

Upon arrival you and your guests are greeted with a glass of Champagne in Morgan’s Vault a 20 berth bedroom.

Party Accommodation, Party apartment,

You will then be taken to the Carpathia our stunning rooftop Bar for a light snack.

Liverpool Restaurant

At 7pm you will be greeted by one of our waiters who will enter your room with a large gold key as he approaches the original White Star vault which once held the plans to the ill fated Titanic, he will tell you of the secret Narnia style secret passageway. If it was my party I would not have told anyone about this as this will create such a highlight of anticipation as to what lay beyond the vaulted doors,

Once he opens the heavy steel doors, you will see yet another smaller Milner’s Vault, but your eyes will be transfixed on the steel spiral staircase that cascades through to the floor below.

Morgans Vault Staircase, giving you a Narnia style secret passageway to your own party room

This is were it gets really exciting, as they walk down the staircase they can hear the music below, the hallway beneath has been kept quite dark to create a feeling of apprehension, but once they take 3 steps forward this is the view that will greet them.

This is a unique experience in a stunning Party room Morgans Vault Bar, complete with a 200 year old organ

When I designed the Bar it was of the uttermost importance that blended a modern slant on an old theme, back in 1896, people would often crowd around a piano or organ to enjoy their evening and so I decided to make this fully operational organ into a modern DJ booth.

Morgans Vault Pool area, with a unique water feature A stunning pool with enough seating within for 20 people

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Lawrence Kenwright is the proprietor of Signature Living and 30 James Street, a husband and father with a passion for restoring old historic Liverpool buildings.

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