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Nights out in Liverpool

Nights out in Liverpool

Liverpool has gained a reputation as being one of the best nights out in the U.K. and in my view it really is the best.

When you are making your decision on where to stay or what restaurant, bar or club you wish to go to, you need to be informed by a Liverpool based website, by someone who knows and understands the City.

Night’s out in Liverpool
Party on in your own 16 bed party apartment

Unlike other websites that promote Liverpool, the content that these site’s promote, have had been paid for by the owner of the bar, club or Hotel, and due to this do not give a true reflection as to what Liverpool nightlife really has to offer. As a result you could be persuaded to go to various bars or hotels due to the fact they have paid for you to view their site, rather than their bar or club being a great venue. I have always lived in Liverpool and have been involved in the nightlife scene for some years, unlike other website owners who have never even visited our city.

I hope this blog can give you some guidance, if you wish to be guided in anyway please call our head office on 0151 236 0166 and we would be only too happy to help.

There are 2 main areas all within walking distance from each other, the first one is Concert Square, the second is Victoria street, the home of Signature Living.

The most popular on a Friday night would have to be concert square/Wood street area
With such bars/clubs as.
Wood Street

Alma De Cuba ( You must be here for 11pm as they have dancers that move amongst the crowd and not to forget the petals that are thrown from the balcony)
The Revolution Bar


Concert Square

Although there are no real bars that stand out in Concert Square, the shear volume of them makes this a must see, what it lacks in style it more than makes up in atmosphere.

Victoria Street

The Victoria Street area in my view is without doubt the best night out on a Saturday that you can have. It has it all close proximity of all the clubs, a large variety and it is also very very busy. Here is a list of my favorite venues.
I have highlighted each bar with a time to get there and a time to leave , after all evey bar has its couple of hours, you just need to know when they are.

The Bar and Grill 8 to 11
The Living room
9 to 11
The Newz bar
9 to 12
Palm sugar
9 to 12
The revolution Mathew Street
All night
11 till 3am
The Mosquito 12 till 3am
12 till they throw you out.
Sakura 11 till 3am

When you’ve finally had enough of our clubs what better way to end your evening than in one of our party apartments, here are a few video’s for you to view.


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