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Have your Party Celebrations in Liverpool with Signature!

At Signature Living we have created the ultimate in Party venues in Liverpool from one bed apartments sleeping up to four people right through to The Vault which can be your own Club for the night with your own Bar, Dance Floor, 10 berth Bath, Funky Photo Booth and your own Cinema room.

You can even even have your own alcohol purchased from your Local supermarket or Cost Co, saving you so much money, as the average cost of a single short would cost around £3.50 in one of standard Liverpool’s Clubs, with the cost being raised up to £10.00 in the most exclusive and yet @ Signature’s Vault it would cost you no more than 50 pence.

A great time

When our guests inquire about staying at Signature living, we frequently get asked about the length of stay that their party would want. Our reply is always the same, one day really is not enough, but two is just enough, after all if you are coming to Liverpool on a Hen or Stag party.

It is all about the memories of you and your friend’s enjoying what Liverpool has to offer to the full. We guarantee that your Party Will certainly be of a different experience than any other Party that you have been to before.

Whatever your requirements for your Party Celebrations Liverpool @ Signature Living are here to help.
Here are just a few ideas what of what we can arrange for you and your group while you stay @ Signature Living.

If you look at our Restaurant’s in Liverpool, you will see all of Liverpool’s finest restaurant;s that we have gained a 20% off meal price, as long as you book the restaurant of your choice through our office. 0151 236 0166

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Lawrence Kenwright is the proprietor of Signature Living and 30 James Street, a husband and father with a passion for restoring old historic Liverpool buildings.

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