Morgans Vault 20-48

Morgans Vault, Party Stay

Morgans Vault, Party Stay LiverpoolMorgans Vault, Party Stay LiverpoolMorgans Vault, Party Stay LiverpoolMorgans Vault, Party Stay Liverpool

If you want your Party to stand apart from all others, then Morgans Vault has to be the ultimate venue.

Just imagine inviting from 20 to 48 guests to stay over at your party, but not letting them know what you have booked for them, upon arrival they will be escorted to the main room Morgans Vault, which has 10 double beds along with two double whirlpool baths, you can also have another 28 guests staying in the other rooms on the same floor, if you really wanted to take the numbers up to the max, you could actually fit up to 150 guts in total.

So here is how I see the perfect Party Night at Morgans Vault.

At 7pm your guests will be greeted with a glass of Champagne, when your waiter has finished serving you all, he will tell you all that he is going to open Morgans Vault, which is a huge steel door set at the rear of the room. It would be amazing at this point if your guests did not have any idea of the secret staircase or of the room that lay beneath. Once he has opened the room, you will be lead into a small vaulted room that still has the original safe on the main wall, your eyes will soon set upon the steel spiral staircase that cascades to the floor beneath, as your guests venture down the staircase we have ensured that they are walking into a small room that is dimly lit, this gives the experience a feeling of apprehension, in the corner of this room you can see the light from the room beyond as you get drawn towards it this is what you will see the most amazing room.

Here is what you will see

Morgans Vault Party Stay Liverpool

With your own Bar, Dance floor, DJ booth, Pool, Sauna entirely yours, a Stunning venue which will create memories that will stay with you for a lifetime.