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Signature Living expands again

Signature Living Expands again


Signature living has now designed and developed 3 stand alone sites, with the last 2 sites being dedicated to group accommodation. I am writing you this email in March 2012 and we are sold out every weekend until the first week in August.


Below is a synopsis of how it all began, thank you for taking the time to read my blog, I can’t wait to post my next blog, as it will be all about our design.

How it all began, back in Jan 2011, we have found that our larger format apartments have been generating a lot of interest.

Due to this Katie and I decided to expand our offer by opening two other large format standalone sites, both in the centre of Liverpool. The first is positioned on Button Street, which is a pedestrianised street just 10 yards from Whitechapel, which is one of the busiest Street’s in our City, so if you ever decide to come to Liverpool for it’s amazing shopping experience or even for it’s much coveted nightlife { Voted No1 in the U.K. for Nightlife on Trip Advisor} then this is the best place to stay for friend’s and family.

The second of our 2 developments is on Bold Street. Bold Street is 1 minutes walk from Concert square and about 3 minutes from the shopping centre. It is housed in stunning 18th Century building that was once a Bank, luckily for me this building has retained many of its original features and in turn I have respected and hopefully enhanced what it once was.

We not only provide a service that no other Accommodation provider can offer in the U.K, but we have actually created a living space that I hope you all find very appealing. We still feel very strongly that Hotel’s still occupy a very pompous position in regard to their guests in general, obviously this is not an attack on all Hotel’s, but when will they stop overcharging on WiFi, film’s and the scariest of them all the dreaded Mini Bar,

Here are some of our latest developments

We have named this apartment The New York Penthouse, as you can see it is a stunning space and can sleep up to 16 people. We have named each of the bedroom’s after different iconic area’s in New York, such as Liberty and Manhatten. With a 14 seater Dining table, Cinema room, double whirlpool bath and a plasma in every room. We believe their is no better accommodation in our city, infact the only other rival’s would be the apartment’s below, I will let you decide which one would be your favourite, as this is still the source of many a discussion in our head office.

This apartment is certainly quite different, it has a look and feel of a living space more akin to the 1950’s than present day and yet it has all that one would expect from a living area as beautiful as this  we have named this apartment the Masonic, the name was derived from the building which was built in 1810 for a group of Mason’s who formed a Bank in this building, the main Living room was once their Boardroom.

We have just one apartment that has to be finalised and that is the Iconic. This apartment will sleep up to 20 people, with 4 showers, a bathroom and 4 bedrooms. Each bedroom has been modelled on various Iconic Stars from the past, Lennon, Jim Morison, Marilyn Monro and Audrey Hepburn. each of these bedrooms will have video’s, book’s and pictures of the various Icons.

In all we will have created 5 large apartments sleeping from 12 to 20 people  increasing our offer from 108 beds with 14 apartments to 19 apartments with a total amount of beds of 156.

We have also agreed to build two more purpose built sites one on Mathew Street which will be next door to the Hard Day’s night and is part of the original Cavern Club and the other is in Manchester on Liverpool Road. The two combined units will generate another 180 beds.

Since the creation of Signature Living, Serviced Apartment’s in August of 2008, with just one apartment, which to this day is my personal favourite, as I built this apartment for my own use we call it The Fortune apartment.

We have progressed at a significant rate, far quicker than I would have ever imagined. I believe the main reason for such a significant expansion has been due to three main factors.

The first and the most obvious one is that as an accommodation provider, we are different, there are no other large City centre accommodation providers in our City, or for that matter in the World.

The second is our high level of accommodation, what hotel can provide you with what we have to offer, from whirlpool bath’s to cinema room’s not to mention the amount of living space that we have to offer.

The third and most important, is our high level of service, we believe that we have achieved such a high ranking on Trip Advisor would be due to our team, we will always push the boundaries for our guests and they appreciate what we create for them, and have rewarded our team by giving them amazing reviews. We are now no2 in the U.K. with a 99.8 average, this is probably one of our greatest achievements considering there are 32,000 accommodation’s who are registered on Trip advisor. At signature we do not believe in selling apartment’s we believe in selling an experience and what City in the U.K. has a better city centre experience than liverpool unlike other cities such as Manchester or London, where everything is so fragmented, everything in liverpool is within such a short distance, therefore eradicating any need for taxi’s in our City.

Whatever we have achieved thus far could not have been contemplated  if it were not for Liverpool’s amazing resurgence, a City that was once deemed as run down and broken, can now only be described as a stunning example of what can be achieved, with our stunning architecture which is second to London and our amazingly warm Liverpool inhabitants, what better way to spend a short vacation than in the Centre of our City.

Signature Living expands again

We have now designed and built the first accommodation in the World that can be used as a club and also as a very large basement accommodation, with 30 beds, Bar, Dance Floor, Cinema room, Kitchen and an amazing whirlpool 10 berth bath, this apartment spans over 3000 square feet

Here is a video of our latest offering, we have called it the Vault, Club Stay.


We have now expanded from just 1 apartment in the August of 2008 to 190 beds 4 years later.

For more information and bookings visit the Signature Living website:-

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Signature Living expands again Signature Living expands again

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