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Storage Hunters to Appear at Signature Living

Signature Living is known for offering luxurious group accommodation at superb prices – so it make sense that the biggest bargain hunters in the world would choose our Stanley Street hotel for a meet-and-greet.

Husband and wife duo, Lori and Brandon Bernier, who are also known as Team Brandori, will make a public appearance at Signature Living this Sunday. The feisty pair will meet fans at the ticketed event at Bar Signature.

storage hunters

Storage Hunters is one of the most popular TV shows at the moment, and Brandon and Lori are often at the centre of all drama, frequently coming to blows with other contestants when bidding on the contents inside repossessed storage units.

Signature Living is honoured Brandon and Lori have chosen our hotel in Liverpool to meet their UK fans, which is part of their busy UK tour. So, if you would like to meet the fan favourites at Bar Signature, you can on Sunday 26th April from 5pm. You can book tickets at

If you would like more information about the event or wish to book accommodation at our group hotel, call now on 0151 236 0166 or email

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