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The Rise of Signature Living

There seems to be no stopping Liverpool right now. Our beautiful city is growing every single day, with more attractions, shops, bars, clubs and restaurants popping up than ever before. Anyone who lives here or has visited will tell you the city centre has a buzz about it – and we here at Signature Living are proud to have contributed to the city’s growth.

We wanted to take you back to the very beginning of Signature Living – showing you how we have grown from a small team to offering hundreds of jobs in the city, 353 to be exact – and that’s excluding our construction team! A feat we could not have achieved without the hard work, passion and talent of our employees and, of course, without our guests’ support.



Liverpool is not your average city – so it deserves more than just average hotels. That’s where the idea of Signature Living was born. Lawrence Kenwright wanted to create a different hotel experience – one that would rival the unsatisfying stays he had in the past.

There are two hotel stays that stand out as unsatisfactory in Lawrence’s mind. One is when he booked a stay in a hotel on the outskirts of Newcastle city centre, where he was forced to spend the night queuing outside in the blistering cold, before grabbing a taxi back to his hotel before midnight. The next was a hotel stay he experienced a weekend later, when his wife, Katie, organised a birthday trip to a hotel – only for the couple to receive a €85 bill for five films, WiFi, a chocolate bar and a bottle of water.

It was at this moment that Lawrence realised something needed to change – and that he could fill the gap in the market for a fun, spacious hotel that offers no hidden extras at the end of your stay. Lawrence was so passionate about the creation of Signature Living, he sold his retail business and bought the Victoria Street building in 2004. After 4 and a half years of designing and planning, Lawrence and Katie Kenwright opened their first serviced apartments, which sleeps 78 guests, to the public on 23rd August 2008.

Katie and Lawrence will be the first to tell you that the opening of their first hotel was far from easy, not that it ever really is. In fact, at the start of Signature Living, there was just two people working hard to provide each guest with an unrivalled experience – one of those people was none other than Katie Kenwright herself, who worked day and night to provide guests with an exceptional hotel experience. While they might have got off to a little bit of a slow start, their determination and belief in their hotel resulted in many guests walking through the doors.



It didn’t take long for Lawrence and Katie to realise they had created a hotel experience that was simply special to the city. With Victoria Street proving to be a big success, the husband and wife team opened their second Signature Living hotel accommodation on Mathew Street in 2011. The 2 apartment hotel can sleep a total of 32 guests, and is closely located to the Cavern Club, where The Beatles honed their sound at the start of their careers. Signature Living was once again a success and there was only one thing left to do…



A year after opening the Signature Living Mathew Street hotel, the Kenwrights opened the Masonic Apart hotel on Bold Street, which features 4 luxury apartments that can sleep up to a total of 78 guests. Guests fell in love with the impressive design, which provides a hotel experience they will remember forever. The Liverpool party apartments have proved very popular with those looking to celebrate a variety of occasions, such as hen parties, stag nights, graduation celebrations, an engagement, birthday or another event.



Very aware their hotels were proving popular with locals and tourists alike, Lawrence and Katie Kenwright opened the Signature Living apart-hotel on Stanley Street, offering large and spacious accommodation to their guests.

Passionate about injecting a little bit of fun into the hotel, they chose to create themed rooms that would stand out in guests’ minds. The sleek and stylish rooms that have been inspired by movies such as The Hangover, James Bond, Casino and Moulin Rouge, as well as the TV show Sex and the City. The large and spacious Sanctum floor, which maintains the building’s original features, also offers the ideal destination for loved ones to come together and create wonderful memories.



Lawrence and Katie have a passion for historic buildings. After all, many of the Signature Living hotels are steeped in history. For example, The Vault at the Masonic Apart Hotel on Bold Street is located in the former home of the Masonic bank, and maintains the building’s original features, including the catacomb of vaults and the original range cooker.

It is their love of historic buildings that resulted in the Kenwrights acquiring Albion House, a Grade II* listed building that once served as the White Star Line’s headquarters – which was RMS Titanic‘s port of registry, as a result. The building is therefore a monument to Liverpool’s interesting maritime heritage.

It is hard not to fall in love with 30 James Street, which was created by architects Richard Norman Shaw and J. Francis Doyle in 1896. The architecture is simply breathtaking, and so Katie and Lawrence were determined to restore the building to its former glory.

The Kenwrights, very much aware of the building’s history, wanted to provide their guests with a exceptional hotel experience, whilst celebrating the White Star Line’s history and commemorating RMS Titanic and her passengers. The hotel owners therefore opened 30 James Street – Home of the Titanic in April 2014. The Titanic themed hotel allows guests to explore the history of RMS Titanic, whilst enjoying a relaxing stay in a luxurious Liverpool hotel.

Each room within the hotel celebrates a connection to the White Star Line or RMS Titanic, ensuring each guest enjoys a unique stay every day. We also opened Carpathia Champagne Bar & Restaurant, which was fittingly named after RMS Carpathia, the Cunard ship that rescued the 705 RMS Titanic survivors on 15th April 1912, following the sinking of the ship at 11.40pm on 14th April 1912. Guests can enjoy delicious dishes and drinks on Liverpool’s first rooftop bar, whilst taking in the gorgeous views of Liverpool’s waterfront. We were also delighted to open Morgan’s Spa, allowing guests to indulge in a spot of pampering with a wide range of treatments and packages.



Bill Shankly is a much-loved figure in the city of Liverpool, as well as across the world. It seemed only fitting to open a hotel as a tribute by the late, great manager, due to his entertaining personality, passion for football and sporting legacy. In partnership with the Shankly family, we opened The Shankly Hotel and The Bastion Bar & Restaurant on 15th August 2015 to rave reviews.

Not only can guests stay in rooms inspired by the legendary football manager, but they can also dine at The Bastion Bar & Restaurant, which offers scrumptious dishes and drinks, as well as genuine Bill Shankly memorabilia. The items were donated by Bill Shankly’s family from their private collection, and includes the manager’s original typewriter, LFC contract, clothing and letters to and from fans.

We also recently opened the Eden private dining room, located within The Shankly Hotel, ideal for those celebrating various occasions, such as a birthday, engagement, baby shower and more.

The Future


As you can probably tell, there’s no slowing Signature Living down, and we cannot wait to see what the future brings for the company. We have various projects in the pipeline that we cannot wait for our guests to experience, including Eden – our unique conference and events venue that will open very soon and will be featured within The Shankly Hotel. We are also eager to open more Signature Living apartments that our guests will never want to leave. We cannot wait for you all to see what we have planned!

We are also embarked on our first residential developments on 60 Old Hall Street in Liverpool city centre and Signature Living Residential in Bootle.

60 Old Hall Street will not only feature luxurious residential accommodation, but will include office space – and is therefore the first time Signature Living will enter the office market. Not only that but 60 Old Hall Street will feature a 127ft high rooftop gym and  running track, which is why we believe this will soon become a landmark destination.

Signature Living Residential will include luxurious accommodation, as well as a restaurant, bar and pool area, which we are confident will prove very popular in the Bootle area.

Signature Living is going from strength-to-strength every single year, and endeavour to set the standard in the hospitality sector. We are committed to providing our guests with value-for-money experiences that exceed expectation, and our helpful and friendly team strive to fulfil our guests’ every requirement.

If you would like to book a stay in any of our hotels or to learn more about our services, please call our team today on 0151 236 0166 or email

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