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Club Liverpool

A world’s first – Signature Living offers you the opportunity to book our luxury underground night club accommodation – The Vault.

This really is something completely unique and different to any club in or outside of Liverpool you may have experienced previously.

The Vault spans over 2500 square ft and incorporates a stunning interior decor with a built-in dance floor, bar, funky photo booth, cinema rooms and whirlpool baths – this is one night out you won’t forget in a hurry.

Converted from the old remains of the underground Masonic Bank, the area still has some of the original vault features – including the famous large articulated doors that you’d expect from a typical bank.

Signature Living can deliver you the complete club package – and it’s all under one roof with luxury accommodation to boot.

Isn’t it about time you called us? Give us a bell on 0151 236 0166 today.

Screen shot 2012 09 22 at 07.28.31 Club Liverpool

Club Liverpool

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Club Liverpool

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Club Liverpool

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Club Liverpool


Signature Living Serviced Apartments Liverpool | Better Than A Hotel
38/40Victoria Street Liverpoolmerseysidel16bx U.K. 
 • 0151 236 0166
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