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Planner Liverpool

Hotel Planner service

Signature Living offers you the opportunity to take advantage of one of our event planners – designed to do all the hard work for you.

These professional planners will act as your tour guide of Liverpool and recommend you to all the hotspots of our famous and unique city.

Inform us of the type of stay you’re looking for – whether it be a quiet weekend break or a lively party-fuelled adventure – and we can cater a planner that’s perfect for you.

Our planner service comes at no extra cost and can help you maximise the potential of your stay in Liverpool.

Call us on 0151 236 0166 for more information.

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Signature Living Serviced Apartments Liverpool | Better Than A Hotel
38/40Victoria Street Liverpoolmerseysidel16bx U.K. 
 • 0151 236 0166
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Lawrence Kenwright is the proprietor of Signature Living and 30 James Street, a husband and father with a passion for restoring old historic Liverpool buildings.

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