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Signature Living’s Plans for The White Star Building

The world over has seen the film ‘Titanic’ starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, and if they haven’t they have surely heard the story of the infamous fall of the ‘unsinkable’ ship. Here at Signature Living, we are now the proud owner a valuable piece of the history, Albion House.

Liverpool is an extremely important city to the tale of the Titanic and therefore there is much to be offered from Liverpool in terms of Titanic Tours. Albion House, our most recent acquisition, was the headquarters of the White Star Liner Company, the creator of the wrecked ship.

Our new Titanic hotel will provide guests with an opportunity to see the place where the ship came to life. Signature Living, in restoring the building to its former glory by showcasing its original features, such as the abundance of steelwork that remains untouched on the interior of the building, will be bringing the creation of the Titanic to life.

The bottom floor of this iconic building, the only floor unaffected by the bombings of the Second World War, is set to be themed as the Titanic floor. Many of the original features will remain intact; for instance, the archway pictured below. The views of the River Mersey also further add to what may have directly inspired such a ship to be designed in the offices of Albion House. The Signature Team feel confident that we can restore this building to the height it was in during the 1900s, without losing the character and charm, which will leave the building as captivating as it was in its prime.

For bookings and inquiries for the Titanic hotel or Signature Living’s party hotel in Liverpool, please visit our website.

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Lawrence Kenwright is the proprietor of Signature Living and 30 James Street, a husband and father with a passion for restoring old historic Liverpool buildings.

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