Home of, TITANIC

30 James Street, which was the original name given to the Home of the Titanic by Bruce Ismay in 1896, this is the exact building that the ill fated Titanic was registered, when I purchased this building it was always my intention not to call this hotel the Titanic Hotel, as I felt that this would be a step too far.
I feel by calling our new Hotel 30 James Street, that we are not only taking this building back to it’s original name, but we are also underlining the fact that this building is not all about the Titanic, The White Star Line was so much more than that. Sadly in later years it was taken over by it’s arch rival the Cunard Line, but for many years this Company created the bench mark that all would follow, even the Cunard Line would be forced to follow the White Star Lines blazing trail.

When designing this hotel I have tried and hopefully succeeded in not creating a Hotel that resembles a museum. My view was to create a Hotel that has never been created before, a hotel with a history like no other, each room will be totally bespoke, with a definitive history specific to that room. The historical past that alines itself to 30 James Street, is breathtaking, Norman Shaw, Titanic, Ismay, J.P.Morgan and the Cunard, to name but a few. Then there is the History between the Cunard and the White Star, which is breathtaking, they were so finely tuned to each other, that when one jumped the other jumped higher.

There are many examples of this, The Cunard built the Lusitania in 1907 which became the holder of the much coveted Blue Riband and also the largest ship ever built at that time and so the White Star Line countered by building the Titanic and the Olympic, these two Liners would become the largest ships in the World. The Lusitania was Sunk in the first World War by a German U-boat causing the loss of 1,198 lives many of these were American, the sinking of this Cunard ship caused a storm of protest in the United States. It also influenced the decision by the US to declare war in 1917.

When Bruce Ismay built 30 James Street in 1896 his counterparts decided to build their much larger much more luxurious offices just in front of The White Star office’s spoiling Bruce Ismay’s view of the Mersey, taking away one of his most beloved past times, he would often stand and gaze over the Mersey watching his ships

J.P. Morgan, who had created the largest company in the World with a valuation of 1.25 billion purchased the White Star Line, making all of the White Star Line’s shareholders extremely rich and so the Cunard turned to our Government. Now it was no longer between these two companies it was now much larger. The Cunard was now funded by one of the largest economies in the World in the British Government and the White Star was now owned by J.P.Morgan, who’s partner and main benefactors were the Rotheschilds, who have been known to fund Governments.

These two Companies dovetailed for many years creating one of the most interesting rivalry’s that I have ver come across, I myself am a reader of many biographies and have stumbled across a DNA factor, many great companies become great through their rivalry an absolute desire to beat their once friend, partner even brother, history is strewn with evidence of this factor

Google and Facebook
Apple and IBM
Adidas and Puma

What better way to stir up the emotions of your team than to create an enemy, this in turn creates a desire to win and it is this desire which ultimately makes you great.

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