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30 James Street, Home of Titanic

Home of Titanic

Iconic Wedding Suite

The White Star Hall, was first designed as a first class lounge and ticketing area for the White Star Line Company, owners of RMS Titanic and RMS Olympic Liners

Titanic Wedding Liverpool

Iconic Building

This building is steeped in history, built in 1896 as the head office to the White Star Line Company which owned the Titanic. This is the very building to which the Titanic vessel was registered. As we know the Titanic is the source for the greatest love story ever told and we intend to re-create that theme, by creating a Titanic inspired Wedding suite, which not only has the original architecture from when it was designed by one of the most famous architects to ever come from the U.K. From this suite you will also gain stunning views of our World Heritage site, Liverpool’s three graces and also the Albert Dock, through many of our 15 foot high georgian style windows.

Home of Titanic

Iconic wedding

At Signature Living, we believe that every guest that enters into one of our Hotels, talk about their unique experience with their friend’s and family for many years, we would welcome the opportunity to make your day not only an amazing experience for you and your guests with what has to be the most Iconic Wedding venue in the City of Liverpool, we also believe that our service which is recognised through Trip Advisor to be the best in the City will ensure that your Wedding Day will be Iconic in it’s own right.

Home of Titanic

150 Capacity

With a capacity of just over 200 we believe that Liverpool does not have any wedding venue to rival 30 James Street.

Iconic Restaurant

To take your wedding experience to an even higher level, you and your guests will have full use of our Carpathia skyline Bar and Restaurant, set on our eighth floor, the Carpathia bar and Restaurant, commands an unrivalled view of one of the seven World heritage sites, the three graces is without any doubt a stunning cluster of buildings and is one of the main reasons why Liverpool won the Capital of couture in 2008, You and your guests will be able to stand out on either side of our roof upon a balcony that spans over 100 feet in length, I have attached a picture of this Iconic view, from this view point you can pretty much take in all of what Liverpool has to offer, while you are sipping your champagne amongst your friend’s and family.

Signature Living view from the Home of the Titanic

Iconic views

To make your day stand out from all other wedding days, you and your guests will be able to charter any size of sail boat as we are just yards from our beloved river Mersey, imagine being able to sail up and down the Mersey, being able to make the most of our World Heritage skyline for the backdrop to your wedding pictures.

Civil Ceremony Home of Titanic

Titanic Views, from a Titanic bed

Signature Living, have designed a Wedding suite, that takes in the turrets that seem to take control of this amazing building, based on the theme taken from the Titanic film, we will create a modern influence to this Titanic theme, we believe that this room will be our best yet.

It will boast the largest bed in our City spanning 15 feet in width, styled in a parisian carved theme, made by created by hand craftsmen and covered in Gold leaf, creating a unique wedding experience that will not be able to see or sample anywhere in our City.

Titanic themed rooms, Liverpool Hotel

Titanic Inspired rooms

It is of the utmost importance to our design team that we, create a Hotel that exudes the quality and flair that will always be associated to the White Star Line legacy. The Cunard Line which amalgamated with the White Star Line and consequently purchased the entire business, still to this day uses the term White Star Line service, which is the highest level set by this amazing business.

Here are the themes that relate to the Titanic inspired floor, what people have forgotten over the last 100 years was that the Sinking of the Titanic was the September 11th of it’s day, now when we think of the Titanic, we evoke thoughts of Love Stories as well as the disaster, but there is so much more to this story and we aim to tell this story through the rooms of this Hotel.

Titanic inspired floor


The Signature Service

For those of you that have stayed in one of our accommodations will know that we take our service to another level, our team are here to make your Wedding day not only the best experience of your entire life but also one that your guests will remember for many years, your wedding planner and our Signature team are here to make your entire experience one that allows you to enjoy the whole experience, from the day of your enquiry to the day of your wedding.