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Our Top 10 Hen Night Fancy Dress Themes

Every Hen Party needs to be memorable and one way to do this is to ensure that you and your ladies are dressed to impress. A theme is not always an easy one to come up with, as lots of things have been done to death. Whether it’s classic or an innovation, your theme is only complete when everybody commits and does so with style. Allow us to provide some inspiration for your dress up antics.

Fashionable Flappers



The decade of decadence the 1920’s, where social butterflies, known as flappers, were out on the town to have frivolous good time. What better theme to have as the basis for your last night of freedom with the ladies? Get the girls to flap around in glittering fringed frocks and feather headbands, elbow length gloves and seductive dark make-up, to achieve this timeless glamorous look. Roar into the night in roaring 20’s fashion.

Hot Heroes and Villains

hen party


Every lady wishes she had super powers, let’s face it most of us do in many respects. Make your Hen Do one to remember by taking off into flights of fantasy, shun your everyday alter ego and reveal the super hero or villain within. With the likes of super sultry villainess’ Poison Ivy and Cat Woman, or classic heroines Super girl and Wonder Woman to choose from, a most suitable theme to divide and conquer the night.

Daring decades – Swinging 60’s, Superstar 70’s or the Iconic 80’s



The retro vibe is a fashion favourite, from the swinging style of the 60’s to the ever eccentric vibes of the 80’s, there is no end to the possibilities of a retro funky hen night. Choose minuscule miniskirts and patent platform boots to showcase 60’s glamour, or don the biggest of bell bottoms and voluminous afros wigs for a super fly 70’s look, finally go wild with colour, clashing and craziness to capture the unconventional cool of the 80’s. Rock any one of the trendsetting decades for a night to remember throughout the ages.

Pretty Disney Princess’

disney princess


If you are anything like me, your favourite Disney prince is the basis for your choice of future husband. Now your fairy-tale is coming true, what better theme for your hen party than Disney princess’? The choices are a plenty as long as you get to be your favourite, everyone’s a winner. My all time favourite Disney princess is Ariel from the Little Mermaid, and this among others provides a choice of 2 outfits, a sort of before and after affair. Be the Princess you always dreamed of, if just for one night…just like Cinders!!

Naughtiest of schoolgirls



An oldie but a goodie, this theme allows you and your ladies to behave like those little minxes at St.Trinians. This easy to achieve look provides the cheeky fun a hen do is all about. Something about the school girl standard uniform of pig tails, little skirts and knee high socks, brings out the trouble causer in all of us. Unleash your inner party child, wreaking havoc for one last night of debauchery, before you become a Mrs and not a little Miss.

Scantily Clad Combat



Since Destiny’s Child’s Survivor, women world-wide have donned camouflage fashion with an attitude to match that of the feisty females. Adapting this look to a fancy dress theme transforms you and your hens into an army, a force to be reckoned with. Throw on some camouflage short, shorts whip some war paint across the cheeks and your good to go. Not only will you and your Hen Army look the part, but you’ll be equipped for longevity, with your lace up combat boots. This is a brilliant look for those hens who mean business, chic yet intimidating, demanding attention!

Super Sexy Secret Service



Think 007 and his beautiful bond girls for your hen theme, having your hens clad in tuxedos of secret service agents whilst you, the bride-to-be, are the centre of attention. Be the only bond girl worth rescuing, in a plunging sequin gown Ala Anya Amasova in The Spy Who loved me, glitter in gold like Jill Masterson from the film Goldfinger or go basic Ms Moneypenny in saucy secretary chic. Any of the above will leave you as the focus of the night meanwhile your hens can embellish their tuxes with sky high heels for a twist of the femme-fatale. Don’t stop when you’re tired ladies, stop when your done.

Jungle Fever



There’s something of the exotic about a tribal jungle theme, possibly the primitive sense of animal skin and unkempt hair. Let’s face it nobody can party like those in the amazon, what with their awesome baselines and spacious outdoor party locations. Use this theme as an excuse not to do your hair, to go a bit tribal on the dance floor and finally accessorise with that big fake yellow snake you’ve had since Britney’s hay day. All you need is greenery and animal print for your outfit, maybe throw on a bone or tooth necklace for that added jungle panache. March to the beat of your bongo drum and jungle boogie the night away.

Cheeky Cheerleaders


With Americana having taken the UK by storm through teen movies such as American Pie, High School Musical and Bring It On, we all want a slice of that American Pie. As far as groups of young girls go there isn’t a more sought after American Dream than that of the cheerleader. A perfect perky way of turning your hen do into a pep rally, think of all your friends in matching uniforms, shimmering pom-poms and blinding white boots. A great excuse to have a cheer accompanying your hen party, pumping up those around you when spirits are lowered. Ready OK!! Let’s get this parted started, right!!

Women at work



An increasingly popular theme is the women at work, choose from construction workers, police officers and fire fighters. Think village people without the native Indian and leather clad guy with handle bar mustache! Pick an industry and vamp it up, construction workers complete with hardhats, timberland boots and cut off denim shorts or firefighters with bright red braces, giant hoses and visor helmets. The professional world is your oyster, as long as you have managed to transform what is usually an androgynous uniform into something that shouts “SEXY” you’ve nailed it. Work the dance floor ladies, WORK IT!

Ensure your weekend is one to remember and stay with Signature Living. Any of our city centre locations would accommodate you and your Hen Party, whatever your theme choice may be.

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