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Trip Advisor Liverpool

Trip Advisor Liverpool Signature Living has been voted by our customers as the No1 accommodation in Liverpool, we have over 700 perfect scores with an overall percentage of 99.8%. We are also battling with the top spot in the U.K. out of 32,000 trip advisor, hotel’s, B and B’s and serviced apartments, being level with the best accommodation in the U.K. The key to this very high Trip Advisor Liverpool position has as much to do with the lack of service that we have now grown accustomed to, by very large corporate run hotel group’s than it is to our team, but having said that our team at Signature are here to serve you and we believe we have taken our concierge service to a new level. Signature started with just one apartment which was our apartment no 4, which is now known as our Superior apartment, this apartment was purchased on the 14th August 2008. Since then we have added over 112 bed’s and we have just been granted planning permission to create another 3 very large apartments with a total of 42 beds. We believe that the growth of our business has in a large part been due to such platforms as Trip Advisor Liverpool, that allow would be guests the opportunity to actually see the truth given to them by people who have actually stayed at that accommodation and have took the time to share their view. If it was not for Trip advisor, or other such review sites, hotel group’s would be allowed to carry on with their very large P.R. machines making you believe that big is best. I’m sure you can see that Hotel’s would rather spend thousand’s of pound’s placing an advertisement in a glossy magazine to raise their profile than to go for the Signature way, at Signature we love the fact that it is our client’s who have recommended us to their friends due to the fact that we actually care about their whole experience of our City than just the confines of a small Hotel room. May I thank all of our guests who were kind enough to give Signature such amazing reviews and hope you come and stay with Signature Living very soon.

Trip Advisor Liverpool

This is a new update to this blog we are now running at an average percentage on trip Advisor Liverpool of 99.4% so we have dropped slightly with over 300 reviews we are still the highest ranking accommodation on Trip Advisor Liverpool.

We have now finished the three apartments in our Bold Street development and are now developing a function room apartment, which is the first of it’s kind in the World, not only does it have a dance floor, a bar, a Funky Photo Booth, and a cinema room it also has one of the largest bathrooms that you have ever seen with an 8 seater whirlpool bath and a 60 inch plasma, plus enough seating for 20 people, in total this function room apartment can not only be partied in for any celebration it is also your own accommodation so there is no longer a need to try and catch a cab in the early hours of the morning.

Please look at Trip Advisor Liverpool to confirm our level of service


Trip Advisor Liverpool Trip Advisor Liverpool Trip Advisor Liverpool Trip Advisor Liverpool

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Signature Living Call Direct & Save rated “excellent” by 589 travellers

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Trip Advisor Liverpool

Trip Advisor Liverpool

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Trip advisor Liverpool


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Lawrence Kenwright is the proprietor of Signature Living and 30 James Street, a husband and father with a passion for restoring old historic Liverpool buildings.

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