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Signature Living Acquire Former White Star Line Headquarters

The White Star Line, the company responsible for the creation of the ill-fated 1912 passenger liner, RMS Titanic, may be in store for a revival as Signature Living acquires the company’s former headquarters, Albion House.

Albion House, or the White Star Building, is positioned perfectly across from the River Mersey and the Three Graces, and is one of only 28 World Heritage sites in the UK. Founded in Liverpool, the White Star Line and Albion House are historic landmarks for the city, as they have a rich connection to RMS Titanic. The building itself is stunning, as the panoramic views can be seen from the rooftops and windows of the White Star building.

Signature Living will be restoring the White Star Line building to its former glory, worthy of being the birthplace of the plans for a ship as colossal as RMS Titanic. As it was the first building in Liverpool to be constructed from steel, Signature Living plan to emphasise these original features in the impressive building to give an atmosphere of authenticity for all those wishing to stay and experience RMS Titanic through the White Star building.

The ground floor will have a Titanic theme, whereas the remaining five floors will encompass the potential RMS Titanic held for travel. Each floor will showcase a different city of important world status, for instance London and New York, where the Titanic was enroute when the vessel sank. In addition to this, the original balconies, used to read out the names of those who were dead or missing, will be kept intact to increase the authentic feel of the White Star Building.

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