What to Expect from Signature Living’s Belfast Hotels

This week, we’ve announced plans for five new luxury hotels in Belfast Northern Ireland’s flourishing capital city.

Following the successes of Signature Living’s Shankly Hotel and 30 James Street – Home of the Titanic, Signature Living founder Lawrence Kenwright intends to keep the ball rolling and offer guests an entirely new experience by introducing new hotels in Belfast including a George Best-themed one and another following the Titanic theme.

We feel that maritime cities Liverpool and Belfast are united by their charms and character; both cities boast a diverse history, with an array of stories interwoven around them. From their atmospheric streets to their striking architecture, visiting the famous locations is an unforgettable experience.

Signature Living’s Unique Accommodation

The success of both 30 James Street and Bill Shankly themed hotel the Shankly has been a huge milestone for Signature Living over the past few years.

At Signature Living, we’ve always been careful to choose buildings founded on a history. Buildings play an important role in the culture of a city, and we aim to cultivate and reestablish buildings that are at risk of being forgotten and left to deteriorate.

30 James Street – Home of the Titanic

Liverpool’s rich maritime history is important to the people of Liverpool, and we aimed to celebrate the city’s past while commemorating RMS Titanic’s fateful voyage with respect.

Luxury Titanic-themed hotel 30 James Street can be found in what was formerly known as Albion House or the White Star Building. This was the home of the White Star Line, the company behind the infamous ship. In fact, the HQ was RMS Titanic’s port of registry, which is why the ocean liner could be seen to read “Liverpool” on her stern.

The Titanic theme runs throughout the grand hotel, with decadent interior design and rooms inspired by the ship itself.

The Shankly Hotel

Bill Shankly-themed hotel The Shankly Hotel offers guests an incomparable experience from start to finish. For LFC and Shankly fans, this is the ultimate football hotel.

At the Shankly, football-themed features and stories are thoughtfully incorporated around the building, without compromising on high-quality accommodation.

With its very own Bastion Bar & Restaurant, hotel guests and public restaurant visitors are welcomed to admire the Bill Shankly memorabilia, featuring personal possessions provided by the footballing legend’s family.

New Hotels in Belfast

With the world’s largest Titanic attraction located in Belfast, we thought it was only apt to bring our own approach to cultivating RMS Titanic’s history to the maritime city. We’ve learnt over the years how to make 30 James Street Hotel the success that it is today, and we’re excited to bring this to new hotels in Belfast including our unique finishing touches.

Similarly, the football-themed Shankly Hotel has shown us what our guests want and expect from their stay. And we’re certain that this can be replicated with a fresh and creative approach towards a George Best theme.

The memory of Northern-Irish icon George Best will be tastefully honoured following a similar layout to the Shankly. Guests at the Liverpool hotel enjoy gaining a more personal look into the former LFC manager’s life and career through in-depth stories in each room.

At the Shankly, a huge contributing factor to its success has been the help and approval of Bill Shankly’s family. We’re delighted that the Best family have also given us full approval and signed a contract after visiting the Shankly for some further insight. They’ve since expressed great enthusiasm for the idea, and we’re just as excited to put the plans for one of the most exciting hotels in Belfast into action.

If you’re yet to visit Belfast or you’re a local, we’ll be keeping you up to date on the progress of our Irish adventure. And in the meantime, why not pay maritime city Liverpool a visit?

Our helpful team are available to chat to about your ideal stay in either of the up and coming new hotels in Belfast or in any of our amazing Liverpool hotels and party apartments.

Call 0151 601 5705 or email info@signatureliving.co.uk.

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