George Best-Themed Hotel Coming to Manchester

Last week we announced exciting plans for a George Best themed hotel in Manchester. And following Signature Living’s success with Bill Shankly-themed hotel The Shankly, we’re certain this new an unique Manchester accommodation is something locals and tourists can look forward to.

Confirmed to be collaborating with the Best family on this new venture, we’re dedicated to honouring the late and great football icon with respect. And of course, guests can expect a touch of the charm and charisma that shone from Best himself.

Signature Living founder Lawrence Kenwright has stated:

“We’re starting our search for a building in Manchester for the George Best Hotel and are keen to hear from anyone with ideas about suitable locations. We will be collaborating with the Best family on this special project and are looking forward to delivering this once we find an appropriate venue to create the hotel.”

The Shankly Hotel’s Success

In keeping with the effective layout of Liverpool’s Shankly, the upcoming Manchester accommodation is expected to feature its own restaurant, along with a museum space that documents the life of the Manchester United and Northern Ireland legend.

The Shankly Hotel’s guests can admire a unique collection of Shankly memorabilia, which can be found in both the restaurant and around the hotel itself, from the reception to the rooms.

The rooms feature stories about the former LFC manager, offering fans a new level of insight into his career and life.

As a luxury hotel, facilities include deluxe double beds, 50″ plasma screens and whirlpool baths.

Lawrence Kenwright has emphasised that the themed hotel is set to become a tourist destination in its own right, adding that the hotel will “add a different dimension to the burgeoning Manchester accommodation market.”

For Best fans, there’s no doubt that this new hotel will go straight onto the to-do list.

The Legacy of George Best

Growing up in East Belfast, George Best was spotted by Manchester United scout Bob Bishop while playing for Cregagh Boys Club at 15 years of age; Bishop sent a telegram to manager Matt Busby saying, “I think I’ve found you a genius”.

Going on to become one of the most talented dribblers of all time, fans were enthralled by Best’s ability on the pitch, and just as in awe of his lifestyle.

Best became an integral part of ‘The Swinging 60s’ in Britain. And with an army of female fans and a dazzling champagne lifestyle, his rise to fame coincided with that of stylish sixties icons like The Beatles.

The footballer quickly found himself at the centre of the press and an influence on many teenage years and childhoods. With quotes like, “In 1969 I gave up women and alcohol – it was the worst 20 minutes of my life.”, it’s easy to see why many found the icon so infectious.

Daring and unapologetic, Best brought something care-free and charismatic to the world of football, and his free-spirit left a timeless mark on the era.

In 2002, Best was awarded the lifetime achievement award at the BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year in 2002. Sadly, the football legend died at the age of 59 in 2005.

We aim to bring something unique and special to the Manchester accommodation spectrum, and we’ve seen it take off before. The Shankly is a hugely popular hotel in Liverpool, bringing guests from near and far to the heart of the city every day.

At Signature Living, we’ve mastered weaving a story around a building, and we’re looking forward to bringing George Best’s legacy to life.

If you’re anticipating the George Best Hotel, why not treat yourself to a stay in Signature Living accommodation in Liverpool?

With apartments and hotels located right in the centre, you’ll find the best of the city’s sights, shopping areas and nightlife right on your doorstep.

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