Liverpool City Centre Accommodation

 Liverpool City Centre Accommodation

Liverpool City Centre Accommodation


The Liverpool City Centre Accommodation Hotel industry, has a new very serious contender, Serviced apartments or as they are more commonly known on the continent Apart hotels. Hotels have become too secure in their position as the undisputed accommodation provider and as most of the Hotel groups are owned by large organisations or shareholders hell bent on beating last year’s figures, it sadly leaves their guest to foot the bill.

Hotels have taken the skill of taking what you thought was your final bill to a whole new level, there is always an extra cost for something that you have eaten or watched, at Signature living, films, wi-fi, bread, milk, butter, extra towels and even PS3 are all free of charge.

When was the last time the Hotel of your choice greeted you with a free gift to show their appreciation for choosing their establishment over their competitors, when was the last time you were spoken to by anyone from their management team asking you how you were enjoying your stay. Hotels have become far too sterile in their approach, using their front desk as a conveyor belt of clients, and sadly with their brisk check in procedure they lose the only real opportunity that they have to spend a little time with you to explain about the treasures of their hotel and their City.

They simply take your card swipe it and tell you how you can find your room. At Signature we take pride in our inductions taking every opportunity to befriend our customer, we believe the more knowledge that we can convey to our client the more they will enjoy their stay.

The Vault, which was built in 1810 and was the first Masonic Lodge in the North West, before it became a bank in 1818.

This area was once the basement to the Masonic bank, with all of it’s original features, such as various Vaults and even the original range cooker, not to mention a catacomb of Vaults, the ultimate area for Liverpool City centre Accommodation

Signature Hotel, which is also ideal for Liverpool City Centre Accommodation, was built in 1884, has it’s own Bar, Club and Restaurant.

Our Victoria Street site, first opened it’s doors as a warehouse that stored coffee beans in 1854 and now has 12 stunning apartments. Which is also ideal for small Liverpool City Centre Accommodation.

Liverpool City Centre Accommodation
Liverpool City Centre Accommodation





Serviced apartments in my view and judging by all the various views that are shared on and Trip Advisor proves that it is a view that is shared by our guests, we have advantages such as, more space, a fully integrated kitchen giving you the flexibility to stay in and enjoy a home from home experience, our costs per person are so much lower. All in all we give you a much more flexible lower priced quality option.

Liverpool City Centre Accommodation

The proof of how our clients measure our Liverpool City Centre Accommodation compared to Liverpool Hotel’s can be found on Trip Advisor which is the largest Hotel review website in the World, with over 40 million reviews, it is the largest website of its kind. You will always find the truth on this site, the reviews are written by you for you. For the first time as a result of Trip Advisor people can now judge a Hotel via a true source, it no longer matters how deep the corporations pockets run, the glamorous commercials should not be the deciding factor in your decision on where to stay, you now have review sites to help you make the right decision based on factual information.

Liverpool is a city very much on the up, in the last 5 years the amount of large corporate hotel beds have increased 5 fold, it would stand to reason that the Hotel groups would be positioned at the very top of hotel review websites, leaving the much smaller Apart Hotel operators languishing near the bottom after all they have all the money and experience. Amazingly this is not the case, Apart Hotel’s have secured the top 5 positions for accommodation in the city of Liverpool. Signature Living with over 120 reviews is currently running at 99.8% and yet the much larger players such as The Hilton are languishing far behind, as are other Liverpool Hotel’s with just 83%, which is around the Liverpool City Centre accommodation average. I have thought long and hard on this subject, how can Apart Hotels be so far ahead of their competition after all certainly the local operators such as Signature Living have only been trading for just 2 years and I certainly do not have the cash at my disposal like the corporations do. I believe Liverpool Hotels have become aloof, and sadly are now run by accountants, Liverpool City Centre accommodation providers need to have contact with their clients, but contact costs money. Hotel groups are owned by large companies, who always need to drive up their profitability, they have opted to do this through any possible means, if you watch a film there’s a cost, you use their wi fi there’s a cost and so on.

At Signature our goal is to be the best Apart hotel in the very heart of Liverpool’ vibrant city and in doing so keeping Liverpool Hotel’s where they are languishing at the foot of the table holding onto their profits.

Signature Living

Liverpool City Centre Accommodation

During Liverpool’s resurgence as one of the U.K’s top destinations, our city planners had left behind one of Liverpool’s best loved Street’s. Although Bold street has been left behind in regard to investment it has never lost it’s quirky bohemian feel and while you take a stroll along this Street you can’t help feeling that you are no longer within the parameters of Liverpool’s City centre.

Liverpool One has acted like the good looking brother forcing Bold street into submission, but alas all is not lost, There is a scheme that has been championed by such visionary companies such as the Iliad property group who are part of a scheme which is called the Ropewalk scheme, which will bring Bold Street back to it’s former glory.

I would like to think that Signature Living will have a significant part to play as we have just gained permission to re furbish a stunning sandstone building to house over 42 guests and these incoming guests we will be helping many of Bold Street’s independent retailers.

Our aim is to bild 2 x 16 bed apartments and another apartment with 10 beds and as always we will be building these apartments to the very same high standards that our guests have grown accustomed to. We are due to start our new project on the 15th June and the apartments will be open for occupancy on the 15th October.

Please look at our Trip Advisor reviews by clicking on this Link

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Liverpool City Centre Accommodation


Bold Street is yet another not-to-be-missed Liverpool shopping street, famous for its lively independent cafes, alternative boutiques and bohemian food stores.
Liverpool Bold Street runs from the celebrated bombed-out church, St Luke’s, at one end, to the main Liverpool shopping area around Clayton Square at the other. Bold Street is largely pedestrianised or closed to cars, and it has all sorts of shops lining its pavements. In fact, you can find just about everything you could possibly need on Bold Street.
There is funky furniture at Zen, the world food general store Mattas, specialising mainly in Asian delicacies, the underground dance record shop 3 Beat Records on Slater Street, just off Bold Street, and top gifts boutique and contemporary modern design shop Utility.
Bold Street even has its own hat specialist, Hatz B4U Assk, as well as bridal and evening wear boutique Cherry Blossoms, and better-known fashion favourites such as Kookai and Dune. There is even a Waterstone’s on Bold Street.
Alongside Liverpool ONE, the Metquarter and Cavern Walks, Liverpool’s Bold Street adds an extra, friendly alternative to the whole Liverpool shopping experience.

Bold Street has been nominated for ‘Best Shopping Street’. The Google Street View Awards are a celebration of Britain’s best streets, to be voted for in a nationwide poll in the heart of Liverpool’s RopeWalks quarter, is well known for its mix of creative and independent businesses. These include a recording company, a fine art gallery, graphic designers, charities, dress designers, music teachers, model makers, antique dealers, as well the Liverpool Academy of Arts, the Liverpool Actors Studio, Alma De Cuba, Peacocks, Heebie Jeebies, Lago, The Blue Angel. The Zanzibar and The Masque Theatre. The street is also in between FACT and Parr Street Studios.

Signature’s Spectacular plan for Stanley Streets Print Building
Signature Living reveal plans for apart-hotel, restaurant, bar and nightclub on Stanley Street and Mathew Street

Signature Living announced the acquisition of The Print Building on Liverpool’s Mathew Street today and unveiled plans for a multi-million pound project that will see the building transformed into contemporary luxury apart-hotel as well an exclusive restaurant, members only bar and nightclub.

The new development will give a face-lift to a landmark building in one of Liverpool’s main tourist hotspots. Work is scheduled to begin on the project in early December with an estimated completion date of March 2013. The project will be a major boost to the city economy and will create over thirty jobs.

This latest venture from Signature Living continues the ongoing expansion of the business which was started by Lawrence and Katie Kenwright with just one apartment in Liverpool city centre in 2008. Earlier this year they renovated and re-opened in the former Masonic Bank building on Bold Street as ‘The Vault’ comprising luxury apartments complete with five star facilities that include whirl pool baths, cinema screens as well as a function room spread over 3,000 square feet.

Trip Adviser UK have ranked Signature Living’s offer as amongst the best in the country resulting in the company [XXXX beds/rooms to confirm] being in high demand with visitors to the city. The Bold street venue has been a hit with a celebrity clientele too, while the rich and tastefully decorated surroundings have been used as the backdrop for a number of high profile photo shoots.

The new Mathew Street project sees Signature Living upping its game once again as it promises to be one on the most spectacular destinations to stay in the North West.

Signature Living Director Katie Kenwright said:

“Our apartments on Victoria Street and Bold Street have captured the imagination of visitors to the city looking for somewhere new and different to stay. They’ve been extremely successful but now we’re upping our game and expanding to create a luxury apart-hotel including a restaurant, members only bar and nightclub.

Exclusivity is the order of the day where our Mathew Street project is concerned. We will tastefully transform a building which has been in desperate need of restoration for quite some time and our plans will help breathe new life into one of Liverpool’s main tourist areas as well as providing a boost to the local economy.”

Take a look at some of videos of our Liverpool City centre accommodation by following the links below:

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Party on in your own 16 bed party apartment

Liverpool has gained a reputation as being one of the best nights out in the U.K. and in my view it really is the best.

When you are making your decision on where to stay or what restaurant, bar or club you wish to go to, you need to be informed by a Liverpool based website, by someone who knows and understands the City.

Unlike other websites that promote Liverpool, the content that these site’s promote, have had been paid for by the owner of the bar, club or Hotel, and due to this do not give a true reflection as to what Liverpool nightlife really has to offer. As a result you could be persuaded to go to various bars or hotels due to the fact they have paid for you to view their site, rather than their bar or club being a great venue. I have always lived in Liverpool and have been involved in the night scene for some years, unlike other website owners who have never even visited our city.

I hope this blog can give you some guidance, if you wish to be guided in anyway please call our head office on 0151 236 0166 and we would be only too happy to help. 

There are 2 main areas all within walking distance from each other, the first one is Concert Square, the second is Victoria street, the home of Signature Living.

The most popular on a Friday night would have to be concert square/Wood street area
With such bars/clubs as.
Wood Street

Alma De Cuba ( You must be here for 11pm as they have dancers that move amongst the crowd and not to forget the petals that are thrown from the balcony)
The Revolution Bar


Concert Square

Although there are no real bars that stand out in Concert Square, the shear volume of them makes this a must see, what it lacks in style it more than makes up in atmosphere.

Victoria Street

The Victoria Street area in my view is without doubt the best night out on a Saturday that you can have. It has it all close proximity of all the clubs, a large variety and it is also very very busy. Here is a list of my favorite venues.
I have highlighted each bar with a time to get there and a time to leave , after all evey bar has its couple of hours, you just need to know when they are.

The Bar and Grill 8 to 11
The Living room 
9 to 11
The Newz bar 
9 to 12
Palm sugar 
9 to 12
The revolution Mathew Street 
All night
11 till 3am
The Mosquito 12 till 3am
Garlands 12 till they throw you out.
Sakura 11 till 3am

When you’ve finally had enough of our clubs what better way to end your evening than in one of our party apartments, here are a few video’s for you to view.

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