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Signature Living apartments have taken the accommodation industry by storm with a unique approach to providing one of a kind luxury Liverpool accommodation. Signature Living is now the first word on everybody’s lips when choosing places for groups to stay in Liverpool.

At Signature Living we recognised a need for groups to come together in one space. We also wanted to combine the luxurious nature of hotel break with the flexibility of a stay in a serviced apartment.

Whats more, at Signature Living we identified a significant need to provide guests with their own exclusive party environment. A safe, affordable place from which they could celebrate their special occasions.

With all this in mind, our Signature Living apartments were born.

Luxurious Places for Groups to Stay

Haig Suite - Signature Living party apartment

Signature Living apartments have all the enjoyment of a hotel break with the affordable utility of a serviced apartment.

For groups of guests from 12 – 30 Signature Living apartments are designed to comfortably accommodate each guest. The majority of bed spaces are separated from the main living areas, providing a level of privacy hotel rooms do not.

Each bedroom space comes complete with a place to hang your clothes, your own flat screen TV and in most cases a luxury en-suite bathroom.

At Signature Living, we found there was a distinct lack of encouragement from hotels when guests wanted to get together in one room. In fact, many establishments strictly forbade occupancy levels exceeding those who were sleeping in the room.

Most major hotels sleeping just two guests per room! doesn’t bode well for those looking to enjoy a party night out.

With Signature Living apartments, the space has been designed to bring everyone under one roof. Coming together to celebrate their special occasion without harsh rules and restrictions.

We want you to have a great night together and we believe that your night should start and end together in a Signature Living apartments.

The Benefits of an Apartment the Luxury of a Hotel

Signature Living party apartment

When you book a stay at Signature Living you are getting all the best bits of a luxury hotel combined with the perks of a serviced apartment.

Signature Living apartments have been furnished and decorated to exceptionally high standards. Each apartment reflects glamour and opulence that has become synonymous with the Signature Living name.

In each Signature Living apartments, our guests can enjoy lush bed linens, fine quality drapery and unique fine furnishings.

The typical style of Signature Living does not exist as every room has its own unique character. There are certain design features that have been utilised but always in an individual fashion or style.

Consistently decor and furnishings at Signature Living can be expected to be of the highest quality that oozes fashionable glamour and chic.

As well as all this grandeur Signature Living have added in touches of a homey nature. You can expect to find flat screen TV’s in almost every room, including above bathtub. All apartments are equipped with multimedia sounds systems that are compatible with a variety of portable music devices.

Lastly, each and every Signature Living party apartment is fitted with a top of the line integrated kitchen. A key benefit to any city break when considering the costs of dining out each night.

There you have it, the lush details of a dream hotel break with the affordable utility of a city centre serviced apartment all making unforgettable places for groups to stay in Liverpool.

Choosing Places for Groups to Stay in Liverpool

Signature Living have a choice of locations across the city centre. Each one ideal to enjoy the best parts of Liverpool come day or night. No matter what the occasion or how many guests you have, at Signature Living we have something to suit any and every group’s needs.

Signature Living party apartments – Bold Street

Vault - Signature Living party apartment

Our apartments at Bold Street were created from the remnants of an old city bank. The building itself has a grand entrance hall, cavernous ceilings and floor to ceiling windows. Signature Living utilised this magnificent space to create four impressive party apartments building the ultimate places for groups to stay in Liverpool.

From the basement apartment, The Vault (named for the original bank vault that remains intact) to the light and airy New York Penthouse loft apartment. Signature Living’s Bold Street apartments are ideal for throwing a great party and for being close to some of Liverpool’s hottest nightlife venues.

Signature Living party apartments – Matthew Street

Matthew St - Signature Living party apartment

Another popular location when looking for the best places for groups to stay in Liverpool is Matthew Street where another two Signature Living party apartments reside. These stunning apartments are located on the most iconic street in the city, Mathew Street, and are the ultimate places for groups to stay in Liverpool.

The apartments occupy the upper floors of a corner building which is set at the entrance to Matthew Street. Furthermore, the Mathew Street apartments are located across the street from our own Bar Signature.

No matter where you want to stay in Liverpool, Signature Living has you covered. Time to book your next visit to the cityin a Signature Living party apartment today.

Book here or call 0151 601 8801 to speak with our reservations team who look forward to hearing from you soon.

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