Signature Living’s Fancy Dress Ideas for Groups Halloween 2017

If you and your group are planning Halloween in Liverpool, Signature Living have the ideal city centre accommodation for your party and some fancy-dress ideas for amazing group costumes you may not have thought of.

Taking inspiration from movies, TV and cartoons we’ve put together a selection of what we think are some of the best group fancy dress costumes for Halloween 2017.

TV Show Inspo

Why not chose your Halloween fancy dress idea direct from the small screen?

There’s plenty of retro TV shows to base your idea on and some from current series that everyone’s watching with fabulously frightening characters.

Scooby-Doo and the Gang

The only question is who gets to be Scooby?

The rest is simple from Fred’s signature orange ascot to Velma’s oversized orange sweatshirt.

This whole look is easily achievable and instantly recognisable as everybody loves Scooby Doo . . . for some it’s still regular Sunday morning viewing.

Crew from Star Trek

Whether you’re a Trekkie or not, the uniform of a Star Trek officer is unmistakable.

Complete the look with beehive hair do’s for the ladies and super slick barnetts for the boys.

Tip: No Star Trek outfit is complete with a phaser – make your own by wrapping a small remote in tinfoil.

White Walkers of GoT

If you’re not watching Game of Thrones, fair enough its your choice but . . .  WHY NOT?

The story line is epic, the effects amazing and White Walkers are simply terrifying.

Get your entire group to scare the pants off everyone enjoying Halloween in Liverpool by donning some shredded up clothes painting themselves blue and popping in some spooky blue contacts as you all become The Army of The Dead.

The Walking Dead Crew

The definitive Zombie TV show, Walking Dead, has been screening for years now and we’re still on the edge of our seats waiting to see what’ll happen to Rick and the gang.

Get your mates together and pick your favourite member of the formidable team, dead or alive. Just remember if you see any Zombies don’t panic and attack they aren’t real . . . we hope!

Kids movies

Kids movie makers are always coming up with fantastic ideas to entertain the little ones, the funny thing is we adults often enjoy a kids movie just as much as the more age-appropriate options.

This is because of the ingenious characters the people at Disney and Pixar come up with.

Here are a few Halloween fancy dress ideas from those magical movies made for kids.

Plastic Toy Soldiers from Toy Story

Was there any young man who didn’t own a bucket of these growing up? More to the point did you ever stand on a discarded soldier and end up with his bazooka forever embedded in your foot?

Willy Wonka and Oompa Loompa

Willy Wonka, the candy man we all wish was real, and his Loompa Loompa, small orange dudes who sing songs chastising the behaviour of naughty children.

The ultimate kid’s movie Halloween group costume.


Once a toy collectable with bejewelled belly buttons, weird faces and wacky hair now a feel-good kid’s movie complete with an entertaining soundtrack and easy to love backstory.

These girls took inspiration from the old-school Troll’s and turned them into the ultimate Halloween fancy dress.

The Bad Guys and Gals

No movie would be complete without a bad guy or gal, without evil there can be no good.

To honour the bad guys of the movies on Halloween in Liverpool we’ve gathered some of the very worse characters we all just love to hate.

Voldemort, Bellatrix Le Strange and the Death Eaters

Harry Potter is a global phenomenon loved by children and adults everywhere and the villainous characters are nothing short of horrifying.

Bellatrix Le Strange and her wild hair, lace-up boots and a lacey dress is easy to replicate and Lord Voldemort simply calls for a bald cap clever makeup and a hooded cloak.

So simple yet so effective.

Batman’s Nemesis

Straight from the pages of comic books, these crafty characters are fabulous examples of how to be a bad guy in style.

The Jokers eerie grin, signature purple suite and green hair are a winning combination for any spooky Halloween fancy dress.

For the ladies catsuits are the wardrobe of choice, with either green leafy effects for Poison Ivy or skin tight black PVC for the feisty feline Catwoman.

The latest and most villainous foe of Batman, Bane, calls for a simple mask and a sheepskin coat to complete the entire look.

Take to the streets of Liverpool disguised as anyone of these brilliant Batman baddies for a great night out for Halloween 2017.

Bad Girls of Disney

Some of the scariest villains around come in the form of females making the lives of the good guys a misery.

Maleficent is the scariest of Disney female villains with her pointy horns, floor-length black cloak and raven sidekick.

Under the sea Ursula, the sea witch caused havoc for poor little Ariel, with her writhing black tentacles and wicked ways.

The Evil Stepmother and Ugly sisters who were so mean to poor little cinders are a great trio of terrors to inspire your Halloween fancy dress.

And of course who could forget Cruella De Vil, Disney’s most fashionable villainess with her funky two-tone hair and fabulous fur coat.

Although these villainess’ were designed to spook their audience each one has a stylish look that can be adapted into a superb Halloween get-up for any Halloween night out in Liverpool.

Halloween Friendly Films

The inspiration for your group fancy dress costume could come from a whole host of Halloween-y films.

These amazing movies are a must watch every year when Halloween rolls around and are perfect for basing the best fancy-dress costumes on.

Hocus Pocus Witches

These three charming characters have the perfect look for a trio of partygoers this Halloween. Sarah, Winnifred and Mary make up the Sanderson sisters from 90’s Halloween movie Hocus Pocus.

The Adams Family

They’re Creepy and they’re kooky

Mysterious and spooky

They’re altogether ooky

The Adams Family

Choose from Gomez, Morticia, Wednesday, Pugsley, Uncle Fester or Lurch and dress your Halloween group in these childhood favourite fancy dress costumes.

Suicide Squad

The latest DC comics movie masterpiece is Suicide Squad, an antihero gang of miscreants who’ve come together to fight a more sinister bad guy than any of the individual squad members.

Ladies choose between the ravishing Harley Quinn or the deadly Katana, guys it’s a choice between Deadshot or the heavily tattooed El Diablo.

Get the squad noticed this Halloween in Liverpool and dress up as your favourite antihero.

The Craft

A gang of high school witches were the fashion icons of the late nineties.

The girls from The Craft are a perfect fancy dress blend, mixing the classic naughty school girl look with a little witchcraft.

Lost Boys

Another movie classic this time from the eighties archives, The Lost Boys made every young guy want to move to Santa Carla to come face to face with real live vampire.

The movie has oodles of fancy dress inspiration and a gang of lads would look impressive waltzing around town in spooky eighties vampire attire.

Halloween Stays at Signature Living

Get the girls and guys together for an unforgettable Halloween in Liverpool with Signature Living.

We have some superb group accommodation offers for parties staying in the city and our hotel rooms and apartments are ideal for throwing the best Halloween group get-togethers.

Stay on our spooky Sanctum floor which has a dark decadent décor perfect for getting into the Halloween Spirit. The room can sleep up to 26 guests with bed space for everyone and a superb city centre location.

If there are more of you why not book your Halloween party in the Vault, our basement party apartment sleeps up to thirty guests in three bedrooms and has its own dancefloor, movie projector screen and a massive roman bath.

Simply call our reservations staff today to arrange your group stay in Liverpool in any of our superb party hotels or apartments on 0151 601 8801 or email for more details at

We’ll make sure you and your guests will have a Spooktacular time at Signature Living this Halloween in Liverpool.

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