The Best Hotels for any Fashion Blogger

Looking for some Instagram-worthy hotel rooms that will make your fashion blog really pop? Signature Living has a wide array of hotels that contain suites and rooms perfect for the style conscious fashion blogger. Whether you’re just starting out or have established your own loyal group of followers, these hotels are sure to bring something special and unique to your next photo shoot.

From otherworldly walls of flowers to a luxury Laurent Perrier-themed pool room, our roster of hotels are the perfect spaces for you to let your creativity flourish and create some of your best content yet.

Shankly Hotel Preston

The Best Hotels for any Fashion Blogger
Shankly Preston

With opulent duck eggshell blues and crisp, fresh white accents, the beautiful suites at The Shankly Preston will make for some lovely photographs that will make you think you ‘woke up like this.’ You won’t need to waste time setting the space up to be picture perfect; these rooms already have it covered.

Oak floors and subtle gilded accents mean that this hotel just radiates class, sophistication and the large windows will provide you with the natural light you need to create those all-important ‘candid’ pics.

Exchange Hotel Cardiff

The Best Hotels for any Fashion Blogger
Exchange Hotel

Inject a little bit of heritage chic into your blog by staying at the Exchange hotel in Cardiff. Not only are the rooms stunning, but you’re sure to find plenty of nooks and crannies in this beautiful building to get the perfect snapshots.

Arthouse Hotel

This movie themed hotel has a selection of rooms inspired by all-things cinema. Channel your inner starlet in the Marilyn Monroe Room, make like Andy Warhol and create some art in the Famous for 15 Minutes room or show off some high-class style in one of the Skyline Suites.

The Best Hotels for any Fashion Blogger
Skyline Suite

Shankly Hotel Liverpool

Notorious for their daring, ‘out-there’ décor, many of the rooms in the Shankly Hotel in Liverpool have been the talk of the town. Each room has an individual theme, meaning that whatever concept you have for your next blog post or shoot, this hotel has you covered. Popular with bloggers and brands alike, the Shankly has everything you need for a picture-perfect blogging spot!

The Garden of Eden floor boasts an incredible interior, unlike anything you’ll have seen before. The wallpaper is designed by French fashion designer Christian Lacroix and there is a ceiling decorated with 2500 flowers designed by Joseph Massie, one of Europe’s top botanical artists. You’ll look like fashion royalty!

The Best Hotels for any Fashion Blogger
Garden of Eden

The WTF, OMG and LMAO rooms are a little wackier but still retain a sense of style and substance. Bright, quirky and completely unique, any blogger will be in their element.

The Best Hotels for any Fashion Blogger

The Flamingo Room and Jungle Rooms can provide fashion bloggers with a tropical backdrop – without the airfare! Have fun as you pose and pout amongst bright Miami-inspired interior fittings or release your wild side with a safari-chic photoshoot.

The Best Hotels for any Fashion Blogger
Jungle Room

When looking for a location that has style, class and some real like-worthy potential, then look no further than the Laurent Perrier Room. Get your best girls and guys into this fantastic space for a pool party, have your own fashion shoot in each of the bunks and party the night away for an extra-special blog post.

The Best Hotels for any Fashion Blogger
Laurent Perrier Pool Room

30 James Street – The Home of the Titanic

With its rich historical background and opulent interior, 30 James Street is a great choice for those wanting to create content with a real story. This hotel commemorates both the RMS Titanic and the White Star Line and is set in a building which is a large part of Liverpool’s maritime history. The rooftop bar & restaurant Carpathia is a great spot for photos during your stay, with impressive views of Liverpool’s World Heritage skyline.

The Best Hotels for any Fashion Blogger
Morgan’s Vault

Morgan’s Vault is a particularly impressive room within the hotel, with its incredible subterranean setting and stunning interior. Fashion bloggers rejoice; the gold and crushed velvet elements along with the warm, moody lighting make for some really beautiful photos.

Snap, Blog & Stay at a Signature Living Hotel

Signature Living’s selection of Instagram-worthy hotel suites is perfect for fashion bloggers who are looking to create some unique, creative content as well as having a luxurious place to stay once they’re ready to hunker down and begin editing the final images.

If you’re interested in booking a stay at one of the Signature Living hotels, simply contact our friendly reservations team for the best possible price and a stay that you – and your followers – won’t forget! Call us on 0151 236 0166 to get booked in.


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