The Greatest Celebrity Halloween Fancy Dress Costumers Ever! (updated 2018)

We’ve scouted out the greatest celebrity Halloween fancy dress costumes of all time including the best from the Halloween champion Ms Heidi Klum, the whole Kardashian clan and much more.

There’s a lot going on in Liverpool this Halloween so we thought we’d provide some inspiration, brought to us by the famous faces we all know and love. These celebrities have really outdone themselves when it comes to supplying the spook factor so see whose look most inspires you in our countdown to what we think is the greatest celebrity Halloween fancy dress of all time.

#15 Winter is Coming and it’s Taken Jason Derulo

Yes, front and centre underneath all that fabulous face makeup is none other than Jason Derulo looking icy cool as the Night King from GoT.

Jason Derulo The Night King - celebrity Halloween fancy dress

#14 Khloe Kardashian Brings the Storm

Channelling her favourite comicbook superhero, Khloe gives us tempestuous perfection dressed as Storm from The Xmen.

Khloe Kardashian as Storm - Celebrity Halloween fancy dress

#13 RiRi in a Half Shell, TURTLE POWER!

We don’t quite know how, but Rihanna and her friends look pretty even when dressed as sewer dwelling Ninja Turtles?

Rihanna Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - celebrity Halloween fancy dress costume

#12 Serving a Slice of Superbly Scary

Lady Gaga is pulling off Tim Burton-chic dressed as his ultimate macabre movie creation Edward Scissor Hands.

Lady Gaga Edward Scissor Hands - celebrity Halloween fancy dress

#11 Old School Couples Rekindled

More Kardashian shenanigans from Halloween. Here’s when sisters Kim and Kourtney showed us how to nail pop star couple perfection channelling Micheal Jackson and Madonna from the 1991 Academy Awards.

Kim and Kourtney - Michael Jackson and Madonna - celebrity Halloween fancy dress

#10 The Ultimate Strong Man

The second dude to appear on our list of fabulous fancy dress outfits and totally rocking it (no pun intended) The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson as Popeye.

Celebrity Halloween fancy dress outfits

#9 Taking Blue Rinses to Another Level

Total stunner, Emily Ratajkowski even makes the blue bouffant and head to toe yellow of Marge Simpson look absolutely gorgeous.

Emily Ratajkowski - Marge Simpson - celebrity Halloween fancy dress

#8 Here Come The Heidi Klones!

No stranger to topping the Halloween fancy dress lists Heidi Klum’s Klone’s come in at number 8.

Heidi Klones - celebrity Halloween fancy dress

#7 Kim Kardashian-West’s Got a Bone to Pick

Kimmies back and we’ll give her dues here as she nails fierce and frightening at the same time.

Kim Kardashian - celebrity Halloween fancy dress

#6 She’s the One the World Wants

The It! girl of the fashion world, Gigi Hadid, channels one of the greatest musical characters of all time and pulls it off to a tee!

Gigi Hadid - Sandy from Grease - celebrity Halloween fancy dress

#5 #4 #3 #2 Our Halloween Goddess Just Never Fails to Impress

Claiming another four of the top ten spots for sheer dedication and utter creativity to the cause! give it up for Ms Heidi Klum.

Heidi Halloween costumes - celebrity Halloween fancy dress

#1 The Winner By a Landslide

Perhaps the best celebrity fancy dress costume of all time . . .

Katie Perry as Hilary Clinton - celebrity Halloween fancy dress

. . . Katie Perry as Hilary Clinton.

If we didn’t tell you, you would never have guessed eh?

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